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:: Blog Review – Double Combo :: July 22, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Two different websites.. two different men.. with one same  interest – blogging.

First up we have iCalvyn.com

About the author:

”I Teach While I Learn”

“iCalvyn = i am Calvyn, an IT officer in a hospitality industrial, i am doing hardware support, all kind of IT related stuff include Server, Workstation, Networking and peripheral device. My experience not as good as those professional or consultant, and still in learning stage.

I am also a part time webmaster cum blogger, just begin my blogging life and hope to exchange opinion with all other experience people.”

Content : It’s the kind of stuff that you would expect from a man who gives such an impressive introduction about himself. Browsing the categories, I guess it is evident to say that he’s got a blog that boys would die for to own – gadgets and money making. Plus all the hot stuff on blogging and softwares. Recently, Calvyn has decided to give away a free domain to whoever who reviews his blog. I think this is an opportunity not to be missed by blog enthusiasts out there.

Layout: You’ve just got to give a thumbs up for that pretty light pink touch on the template. It goes well with that black strip(or is it grey?) and looks neat as I view it with my IE7. I also like to look at blog’s commenting system. I think icalvyn uses something like that GRAVATAR thing and I love that. It makes you feel part of the blog when you leave a comment because your avatar shows. He he 😆

Next, we move on to Webscape

About the author :
“Hi, I am Ruchir from India. I like blogging. I am currently living in a African country called Eritrea, probably the most boring country in the world. Main reason why I started blogging…”

[wow.. Eritrea! Now that’s a place I’ve never heard of before. Cool!]

Content : Judging from the archives, I can see that Webscape is just nearly 1 month old and laready it is producing what he’d describe as ‘nice websites’. In my opinion, Ruchir is making an attempt to become a manual Stumble. The only difference? He picks out whats best for us and adds his personal opinion to it. That is something you don’t get to see everyday with blogs that also do these sort of things. So far, his findings are all blog/gadget/money oriented. Would this be Webscape’s trend? maybe. 🙂

Layout : A standardized blogger template which is nice to the eye. In addition, he has enabled the comment section to be accessible to everybody which is a good start to build a cyber-relationship.



1. iCalvyn - August 3, 2007

hey..ur review are up at my blog… http://blog.icalvyn.com/reviewback-season4/

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