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:: Odit ooo odit July 22, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

It is very hard to concentrate on doing my PowerPoint presentation for next week when you’ve got something more exciting to do. Above all, preparing for the final years. Man, I find studying medicine so fun now, expecially when you’ve got your priorities right and most importantly discover that passion once again.

However, that is not the current thing thats preoccupying my mind. The Thing is more fun and hopefully exciting. With Mastercard, anything is possible. Ha ha ha. And I can’t wait to see my bag of goodies to arrive. A complimentary package from Mossmx5’s family.



1. Kirana - July 22, 2007

just wondering… what’s yr priority?

2. Puteri Nad :-) - July 22, 2007

getting married..

3. Minci - July 22, 2007

at the moment, it is to understand that I’m studying medicine not to pass the exams but am in sort of training to be a HO..
well.. I should have thought of it that way before but then didn’t quite manage that.. with 4th year nearly out of the way, it should be easier 🙂

of course.. that one also but afterwards.. after I meng’attend’ perkahwinan Mimie, You, and Fiza.. haha

4. jet - July 22, 2007

hoh..jadi..kita kne lah tekun prektis dan hands-on, on everything yang terlintas untuk dihands-on kan dalam kehidupan medik tv ini..baekla..sy paham skang..haha..sy pon xde understanding ogeh (ogeh nad?)

5. hafiz - July 22, 2007

so, your main priority now is to learn all the essential skills and knowledge instead of focusing what is examinable. Good to know you have discovered your passion for doing medicine 🙂

6. adiratna - July 23, 2007

kui kui kui :blank:

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