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:: Simpsons Yellow Fever July 23, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events.

So the world is taken by The Yellow Storm with Simpson’s movie coming out soon. Some of the 7-11’s in the UNited States have been converted to Apu’s Kwik-Emart. They even sell those ‘PINK Donuts’. I would want a Buzz Cola. Heh. Other big names have jumped into this craze to participate in this promotion.

Samsung is due to release a special Simpsons Movie phone,and Microsoft will release a limited edition Simpsons Movie Xbox 360. Ben & Jerry’s will release a The Simpsons themed beer and donut flavored ice-cream, entitled “Duff & D’oh-Nuts”. Other merchandise that will be released includes a The Simpsons Movie coffee mug and a donut-shaped stress reliever,as well as a badge pack. Online users were presented with the opportunity to download free animated and static content for use within their Windows Live Messenger conversations.Burger King, JetBlue Airways and Vans also have tie-in deals to promote the film.Burger King have produced a line of The Simpsons toy figures that will be given away with children’s meals, and will run a series of Simpsons themed television adverts.JetBlue are holding a series of online sweepstakes with the top prize being a trip to the film’s Los Angeles premiere, also their plane’s inflight entertainment system includes a channel dedicated to The Simpsons.Promotions occured around the world, including the village of Springfield in Canterbury, New Zealand who were awarded a “giant pink donut” for being named Springfield.


For those of you who used Myspace, you would have realized that Tom’s got his own Simpson skin. Ha ha. If you don’t want to be left out, why not get one too;



1. Syafrizal - July 23, 2007

Yup, it’s the Simpson fever. I can’t wait to download it, oppsss watch it hehe.

2. mixterr - July 23, 2007

best ke cite die? aku xpernah tgk movie die??

3. Puteri Nad :-) - July 23, 2007

me too cannot wait to do my hair lisa style..

am n underachiever.and proud of it

4. jet - July 23, 2007

spider pig..spider pig..does watever…a spider pig does..

elo..sing along plis~

5. Minci - July 23, 2007

watch it then tell me nice or not.. kalo tk best, I dun want to see

citer nih mcm bodo2 jer..seswai ditonton kalo malas nk stress.. haha

picture ok picture

apeka lagu itu?
i never dgr before wan..

6. jet - July 23, 2007

oh..itu lagu dalam cite simpsons the muvi tu lah ok..ade iklan kat tv..comel je homer nyanyi..hehe..

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