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:: Child Prodigy July 24, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

There was a one-hour documentary about child prodigy a few weeks ago. Geniuses. People like Neji, Gaara and Sasuke. In real life it’s kids like Mark Yu.




( picture credits narutofate ) Japanese Cosplay is the best

Each 15 minute part of the programme dealt with different aspects of this issue.

  1. Geniuses are born with it. Researchers said that it was possible for the prodigy to be born with a brain structurally different from the rest of the peers.

  2. Could normal kids become a genius if they train hard for it? An experiment called the Arecedian study (couldn’t find the link anywhere) was carried out involving children from less-priviledged background to be given special attention to their education. It was discovered that given the appropriate exposure and positive mind stimulation early on in life resulted in the child having a slightly high IQ as compared to their peers who was not in the programme.

  3. When you don’t use it, you lose it. Part 3 illustrated this with a case story of a girl who was kept isolated in her room by her parents for 13 years! she was locked off from the rest of the world and did everything in her room from eating, sleeping to defecating. When the authorities found her, she was said to have a mentality of an 18 month old baby. She doesn’t speak and couldn’t even walk properly. A psychologist took this unfortunate girl under her wing and taught her to speak and stuff. However, years and years of guidance, there was one thing the psychologist discovered. The girl couldn’t seem to form the right sentences using words like I, You, Am.. etc. Part of the brain responsible for that sort of speech seems to be selectively ‘zapped away’ because it was not used in the early stages of life. The age quoted here was before 3-5 years old.

  4. The last part pondered on the public’s expectations from kids like Mark Yu when they’re all grown up. Mark would have to be able to do something more than just playing a difficult piece. Perhaps being able to create one of his own. This inevitably would cause a lot of stress to them and the question comes about as to will they be able to cope under such pressure. They’ve got used to be special and being in the spotlight. It would be a difficult transition to make if they don’t maintain this in adulthood.

Below is a clip of Mark Yu playing a piano duet ( Schubert, Four Hands ) with Lang Lang, a prodigy himself.

People have asked why does one who plays a musical instrument at a young age called a genius. Well, playing a musical instrument involves the use of many parts of the brain at the same time. Deswai lar. However, there are geniuses in other areas too. Heard of Sho Yano?



1. kaSyah - July 24, 2007

genius..wow…im not in the same line with that genius kid.

i’m just like naruto la. lmbt pickup, suka melawan sket2..haha. i want to genius in eq..huhu

ps-shikamru can consider as genius also kan..

2. Minci - July 24, 2007

yes.. I should’ve put SHIKAMARU in as well. HE’s like so WOWWWWW.. thinking 10 steps ahead.. how awesome is that!!

3. jet - July 24, 2007

aku genius..interbiu la haku..

hahah..pasan..i pasrah ni..neves nak present..so i lalot2..

4. daju - July 24, 2007

kesian kt that girl..

5. daju - July 24, 2007

ehh tp if genius kids kan..
do they really get to enjoy life like normal kids out and play..
sure kna focus je kan..xker..
well of course la the fame and all..

6. Minci - July 24, 2007

same here.. aku dah tingling dah peripheries aku nih

actually they do still get to enjoy life running around and stuff…
yes, they are focused CUMA they are doing that voluntarily and not forced by parents and THAT is one of the main differences between normal and genius students..

7. Sumthin - November 27, 2007

I watched him in NATGEO “My brilliant mind: Born Genius” a child prodigy may go through difficulties but he has a lot of potential to be a person whom we can look up to in the field of music. Now and probably in the future..

8. Minci - November 28, 2007

that’s the same programme i watched.

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