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:: I shall be Lady Grey July 25, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Women are like teabags. We don’t know our true strength until we are in hot water – Eleanor Roosevelt.

Yes.. us girls in this house have gone through a lot this year. We are closing the books for 4th year medical school today. Then, there’s a few weeks off before we get busy again on the wards trying to be as competent as we can before stepping foot into government hospitals becoming HO’s. Arghh.. takut ok.

I have been reading blogs of HO’s and I think to myself, how little I know or omg.. I would never have been able to do that. But of course, in certain situations you’d think.. oh yea.. I wish I was there to help him/her out. I’ve done that before etc. So I guess it is fair to say that…. there’s still so much to learn and you’re not the only one in despair. hihihi..

To conclude my 4th year;

  1. I have lost 4kg over this academic year. I know I lost 1 kg during puasa month last year. So, the other 3 kg must be from the sheer emotional stress and demanding schedule + expectations. I wonder how katik I will be once I become a HO. I am like so genit now to an extent that my wrist circumference has shrunk from a ‘thumb-middle finger’ measurement to a ‘thumb-little finger’ measurement.

  2. I’ve got into a lot of haircut mess and ended up looking like Abu Bakar Ellah’s twin. Not!! Just kidding! Just kidding tauuuuu!!

  3. I re-registered my account with Friendster and now having only 6 friends on the list. I have also registered with other social accounts, such as Myspace, MyBlogLog, Twitter, Imeem, StumbleUpon and Multiply. Feel free to add me at those accounts. Better still, provide an introduction/message before I deny any request. Look for Minci.

  4. I lost Love and found Financial stability. Lol!

  5. Directed my blogging passion into a new platform i.e WordPress. On top of that, met new cyber buddies which is always a blessing in a blogger’s life. And to put a cherry on top of that, gained a few new perspective on friendship from real life encounters. 

  6. I have earned a few GBP from several posts. Not much but enough I suppose. There were opportunities but I felt that it didn’t really serve my purpose of having a blog. 

I daresay that this is the 3rd most challenging time I’ve ever experienced in my life. The first being in Form 4 (stress wooo.. biarpun diri ini budak baik), 2nd being in 3rd year medicine and now. I know that there’ll be more teabag episodes coming soon. I just pray that it’ll get less harsh with time and experience. and social company.

So my friends who’s just finished our year today, give yourself a pat on the back. You have done well. Kita minum dulu!! oii oii.. toast!!



1. Puteri Nad :-) - July 25, 2007

congrats kenkorang

2. Danial - July 25, 2007

“kita minum dulu”
“bijak bijak”


3. enn0suke - July 25, 2007

what… is that? in the picture…

4. Minci - July 25, 2007

YEA!! Free at last.. ha ha

ooo.. that is me in my telekung on the sejadah merah

5. Kirana - July 25, 2007

Org sana minum teh tak pakai gula. Minci macamana pulak?

6. azrn - July 25, 2007

hoho… you with telekung + sejadah? owh ic… pic taken b4 solat. haha..
minci dear, life goes on~

7. Minci - July 25, 2007

I take only one sweetener in my tea 🙂

haha.. a ah.. but it’s more like after solat.. 😛

8. D - July 25, 2007

so, what kinda tea do you take? Twinnings? PG? Typhoo? Lipton? Boh? Then, there’s Earl Grey, Summer Berries, Peppermint, Green Tea…. the list goes on. LOL

9. Minci - July 25, 2007

ASDA .. haha
Malaysia.. both BOH and LIPTON

I also drink Twinnings – Lady Grey and Green Tea with Jasmine

10. 13may - July 26, 2007

women are like teabags…after several used..kena tukar…



11. adiratna - July 26, 2007

hahahahha… best! best! cuma sedikit amendment. not after several use, tapi once used, need to change…

hmm.. cuma, kalu dah practice, jangan xleh cakap melayu dah le ye… Me-lay-you tekken hileng di dunyar ye…

12. mixterr - July 26, 2007

women like teo ais laaa !!

13. Minci - July 26, 2007

aaaaaaaaa…. bertambahlah para pengunjung yg boleh aku ketuk di sini… eeeee.. otak 13may nih sama jer dgn adiratna tau.. loyar buruk here n there… hahahaha.. terhibur aku 😈

betul!! Aku suka Teh Ais.. tapi buka Teh-O-Ais lah.. heh 😛

14. xazuru - July 31, 2007

oit oit.. nak practice2 ape nih… insafla insaf oii 🙂

15. Injenooxype - February 7, 2008

Nice site keep it up!


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