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:: This year’s big trip July 26, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Mini Projects.

Pretty camel – Camelia 😆

(photographed by Mr Irfan, I think :P)

Last year, my big trip of the year was to Egypt. The airline we used was crappy Alitalia. Nevertheless, the company was great and the trip was awesome. Thank you to the ladies who organized the holiday.

No Day / Date Place
1. Friday14042006 Luxor – Light show at Karnak Temple (Ramses II)
2. Saturday15042006 Valley of the KingsHatchepsut’s TombValley of the WorkersEvening – Got on the Fallukah, then stop by to ride camels.
3. Sunday  16042006 Abu Simbel – Temple for death in the West Bank
4. Monday       17062006 Cairo – Araphais Hotel          – Strolled town; got obsessed with fresh juices (sugar cane mainly)         – Cruise dinner (dun remember when to be precise)
5. Tuesday18062006 Giza pyramid and sphinx
6. Wednesday  19062006 Citadel
7. Thursday20062006 Back to England – Southampton

It is a good idea to get an ISUS card before you go. Discounts help a lot.

This year’s big trip will be somewhere close to home. The heart of England – London. I hope it will be a good one. I will go there to meet my father who happened to have a meeting since last Monday. He will fly for home by this weekend. After that, I will be joined by the other 2 angels – Jet Wasaii and Za Wasaii.

Being a girly girly type of traveller, that means I find it difficult to travel light because I’d want to bring like almost everything and a sufficient amount of clothes. Weighing comfort against whatever, comfort wins. I’m glad I’m staying at what looked like a good hostel for a few days before the angels come. As long as there’s a shower, I’m okay.

And to keep me company I am bringing along my little intergender cow : Mowie. 

So goodbye for now and I’ll talk about my stay in London once I get back. A week in London for me.. WOw! How do I feel? Anxious and excited at the same time. Especially when Dad says that I have some goodies signed, sealed and delivered with lots of hugs and kisses from home. Till then, take care.

Signing off,

Minci Yazumin



1. shutterspeaks - July 26, 2007

kaya sungguh korang yerr… aku wat masa nih, airasia x da ada pun lom tentu leh pegi london tu. selamat bercuti cinonet..

2. adiratna - July 26, 2007

air asia dah ke australia dengan harga rm 9.90. yuuhuuu…
tapi best lagi kalu dapat tiket tengok bola kat anfield. Huhuhuh

3. Danial - July 26, 2007

have fun!! =D

4. 13may - July 26, 2007

selamat selamat 🙂

5. Puteri Nad :-) - July 26, 2007

babai kakmin remember jalan baik2

6. D - July 26, 2007

YeeHaaa… Watch out London, Minci’s heading your way!

7. kaSyah - July 27, 2007

tata… have a great journey with a great people.kim salam kat ur dad.

bla la pulak aku nak gi oversea ni..huhu

8. Just A Lady~ - July 27, 2007

bestnyeh travelling~~~~~
selamat pergi n balik….

9. coops - July 27, 2007

have a nice trip minci. gonna miss u, babe.

10. hafiz - July 27, 2007

selamat jalan…enjoy your trip to London…there are a lot of beautiful places at London 🙂

11. Syafrizal - July 30, 2007

That’s great, I love travel but don’t have enough money 😦

12. myperodua - July 31, 2007

kiss yg last tu untuk siapa?? 🙂

13. hikmatun - August 1, 2007

Salaam. Saper model tepi unta tu yer?? Ana nk ambik keja ngan ana nih …….


14. mixterr - August 2, 2007

best nyer!!

15. SoFie NuR - August 2, 2007

yeah…Egypt is so nice…i’ve been there last 2 weeks…memang best dapat jalan2 kat sane…

16. Minci - August 3, 2007

ohh.. kitrog tkderlah kaya.. tapi kitorg mmg buat savings untuk gi jalan2..

aku rasa air asia dah tk jadi nk dtg manchester

trimas.. nanti aku add kau kat friendster.. baru usha tadi

13may, thanks 🙂

baiklah.. i will remember

17. Minci - August 3, 2007

kak d,
haha.. very fine warning

alamak, tk terbaca plaks.. tk perlah tuh kira ko kem salam skali ngan hosmet aku

kak syifa,
dah balik dah nih!!!! hehehe

auww… hehe.. will miss u too

yep, there are.. ill put up the pictures soon

yes.. it does took me a lot of money to go on this trip.. but definitely worth it

kiss yg last tuh definitely BUKAN untuk kau.. hahaha

itu pengembala unta asli katanya

a ah.. best sgt

sofie nur,
seriously? nice. 🙂

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