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:: 8 Days in London – a ‘trailer’ August 3, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

“So.. Where did you say you were from?” he asked.

I looked up from my reading (Newsweek July 30, 2007). My eyes met his through the railings of my double decker bed. He’s one of my 6 roomates for the next 2 nights in this student hostel. One of the jejaka kacak’s in this room.

“Malaysia”, I said.

“Oh.. ” he exclaimed. Having that somewhat astonishing look. As though he’s discovered an exotic being, “And what’s your name?” A huge friendly smile plastered across his face.

“Minci” I replied. With a smile. An adorable smile.

“Minci…’ he echoed and paused before saying, “My name is *Jogathon”

London Eye

(picture credits to Za Wasaii)

The above was intentionally made to be a snippet of my coming entries. Yalah.. ala2 trailer gitu. As a preview, here I present to you my ala kadar itinerary for those 8 Days in London. Perhaps, you might want to check out Za or Jet Wasaii’s blog as well, just in case they’ve put up their story.

Day/ Date Place of Stay Activity


Hyatt Regency, Portman Square. Arrive at Victoria, Greenline Coach station

E.T.A. 2015



Hyatt Regency Marble Arch, Bond Street


Dµmil Hostel

Check in 1300 – 1200 am.

Am : Trafalgar Square, Pakistan Festival.

Pm :

Check in Dµmil Hostel : +44 20 76024481

District Line to Kensington (Olympia)



Dµmil Hostel, Holland Road, Middlesex.
  • – The Old Operating Theatre 1030 – 1700
  • – London Bridge/ Tower Bridge
  • – Kensington Park
  • – Piccadilly Circus
  • – Oxford Circus


Millenium Lodge, Harrow Road Am :

Check out Dumil Hostel

Check in  Millenium Lodge : +44 20 8964 4411

Bakerloo line to Kensal Green (trains going to Harrow and Wealdstone). We are in front of the underground station.

Pm :

Ronda Marble Arch

Covent Garden

Leicester Square

Charing Cross Road

1945 h – Blood Brothers Musical at Phoenix Theatre.



Millenium Lodge Arrival of Diplomats from Wasaii Studio.

2100 h – Magic Performance at Baron’s Court Theatre.



Malaysian Hall Am :  Bond Street → Hamley’s → SOHO (lunch)* → Piccadilly Circus → Leicester Square

* Fish and Chips

Pm : Westminster → Waterloo → Edgware Road (dinner)*

* Lebanese rice + Half chicken + Sauce



Home Sweet Home Am :

  • – Hard Rock Café
  • – Harrods
  • – Nike Store : Arsenal jersey hunting

1700h – Catch bus home

Details coming soon. Once I’ve cuci my gambar.



1. D - August 3, 2007

WOw!! sure looked like a hectic holiday – from Hyatt Regency to Hostel to Lodge to Hall… penatnyaaaaaa!!!

2. shutterspeaks - August 4, 2007

it’s for sure very the fun. after u cuci ur gambar (!?), kasi upload samalah. kasi funya sikitlah, tamau sorok2lah ya.

3. coops - August 4, 2007

minci, jelesnya. bet u had gud time there. cant wait for the pix 😉 i pun nak jersey jugak, uhuk 😦

4. Syafrizal - August 4, 2007

Wow… I’m so jealous that you’ve been to London. Well good for you but someday I will go there. It’s my golden dream to go other cities on other countries.

5. hafiz - August 4, 2007

will be waiting for the pictures 😀

6. Puteri Nad :-) - August 4, 2007

jogathon lg!

7. jet - August 5, 2007

baek kasik nama die jogja..my name is jogja..jogja-karta..

8. Puteri Nad :-) - August 5, 2007

aaaa ni biler entri besday ngan london niee..

9. adiratna - August 6, 2007

Teeettttttt! Salah…! Bila ada kena mengena ngan jersey Arsenal terutamanya. The Reds never walks alone ma..

10. baez - August 6, 2007

hepi besday ok
may ur smile radiate across the ocean, bringin warmth to everyone
happy happy bufday
how’s ur trip btw
nak gambar

11. shutterspeaks - August 6, 2007

entri bourne sudah ilang?

hey, heppi bufdey to u minci 🙂

12. Puteri Nad :-) - August 6, 2007

tu la lambatnye mashik ni update

13. Minci - August 6, 2007

ello sumer.. HA HA HA HA.. ah yer yer.. tk lama lagi.. adalah tuh 😛

14. baez - August 6, 2007

mashik = malchik gay?

15. daju - August 6, 2007

eyh ur birthday ekk..happy birthday..
arsenal jersey hunting..big fan yer..hehhheh..
welcome back…

16. Minci - August 6, 2007

wut ez mashik2? ogeh? me no gei2

yes dear..
oh no.. im no fan but jet is.. hehe.. thanks

17. Puteri Nad :-) - August 6, 2007

hahaha mashik is for makcik ok

18. baez - August 8, 2007

i tot mashik is malchik gay by tatu, a song i detest
btw pls listen to the new sum 41 song, with me tajoknye, agak bes

19. Minci - August 8, 2007


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