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:: My Top 5 in London August 9, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

There is a saying that goes ‘The World is your Oyster’ and an Oyster Card was what I got for myself during my 8 day stay in London. After all, I intend to return soon having had a wonderful yet hectic trip to the La La Land of London. Probably in November when Daddy has another meeting then.

If I could improve on certain things for my next trip, that’ll be;

  • To drink more water – I suffered from what I think is severe dehydration. My lips cracked under the dry heat. My skin was ‘kupas‘-ing too.

  • Bring my moisturisers and cotton buds – I KNOW you shouldn’t ‘korek‘ your ears for it self-cleanses but truly it was itchy like hell.

  • Pack light but with a big bag – for you might end up purchasing all those goodies you could get for a quid  or so in one of those cheapo stores.

  • Squeeze in as many musicals/plays in one day.

On top of that, there is another thing one could do to maintain happiness during the trip. Just swipe the Mastercard and don’t think about the money..yet. Having said that, I think it is fair to say that having a holiday in the UK is way more expensive than if you were to go abroad. Mahal ogeh. Tak leh selalu buat. Well.. money is the next best thing after trusted men for a girl to feel happy, safe and secure. 😈

Without babbling too much, I shall just comment on the top 5 things I enjoyed doing/seeing/going in London.

5. Visiting Old Operating Theatre

Ever wondered what it’s like to have an operation in the 18th and 19th century? Pay a visit here. That is seriously the operating table in the middle of what looked like a lecture hall. The patients privacy back then was not a right, more like a priviledge.


4. Leicester Square/ Covent Garden

Covent Garden was awesome. There were plenty of street performers to keep you entertained but in return, they do request some money from the public. Something like a tip. The Mimes were realistic! I spared a few quids on some of these performances – a magician, the mime (last pic) and on particular funny man in his gold hotpants who got on a really tall unicycle. Now, that’s dangerous and he sure did need a lot of effort to get on that bike of his. With the help of a few strong men in the crowd, of course. Ha ha.. hilarious!

Leicester Square on the other hand had basically one big garden in the middle of the square with loads of cinemas/theatres/cafes surrounding it. A very colourful sight it was!

3. Eating Fish and Chips

Silly huh? But I still loved it. Food heavenly food! And a big portion it was.

2. Hamley’s

Hamley’s is one of the biggest toy-store in the world. My goodness. This place is like HUGE!!  The kid inside you just can’t wait to leap out and enjoy the happiness spread throughout the store. The employees must be having the times of their lives for they get to demonstrate how these toys work. I was tempted to get myself an RC mini-helicopter but didn’t get one for financial reasons. Ha ha

Giant size Spiderman hanging from the ceiling!!

Robi (middle) with new playmates, Bori (donkey)and SOHO-Bu(cow)

1. Blood Brother’s musical

The play is a contemporary nature vs. nurture tale revolving around fraternal twins separated at birth. The twins’ different backgrounds take them to the opposite ends of the social spectrum, one becoming an Oxbridge graduated councilor and the other ending up on the dole and in prison for a while. Both fall in love with the same girl, which leads them to the tragic conclusion. The central character of the show is their mother, Mrs. Johnstone.

I am so glad to have watched it and honestly regret for not buying the original soundtrack on CD. Oh well.. I suppose I could always get them on Amazon or something. I laughed and cried throughout the musical. In short, I enjoyed every single bit of it. By the end of the show, tears were trickling down my cheeks. Hu Hu. And together with the rest of the audience, we clapped and clapped and gave the casts a standing ovation for their outstanding performance. Interestingly, there was an intermission period in between. kind of reminded to a Hindustan movie. Blood Brothers will be showing in Manchester in September.

My passion for musicals, ballet performances and plays will not end here, that’s for sure. I’ve got my checklist of theatrical performances to be crossed off. Eventhough Mig Ayesa is no more the lead talent for We Will Rock You, I guess I’ll have to make do with watching I think Peter Johans-something debut. Other shows on my list are Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, Les Miserables, Billy Elliot and Chicago to name a few.

These are my top 5 picks which may be different to some people. This is My Oyster after all. If you’re really really really keen (like Nad) to know in detail of what I’ve been up to from Day 1 to Day 8, you have to download the e-journal of my 8 Days in London by Minci Yazumin. Obviously Free of Charge.  It’s got a few more pictures  (uncensored a.k.a. you can see my pretty bum face.. ) and all those little stories that may be of interest to some of you. Stories like what we ate and the silly things we got up to. Stuck in the fire exit hallway in MSD.

The file size is 10.7 MB in 34 pages including cover. I apologize for any typo or messiness in advance.

Download 8 Days in London



1. D - August 9, 2007

Good that you love musicals! I got that right about undergrads learning about culture, eh? still europe maaah..

2. jet - August 9, 2007

nak ikot..nak ikot..nak tgk sume yg ko nak tgk tu jugak..sama taste la kite..haha..

hoh..kemen ade dload2..sunggo techno~

3. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

dahsat kakmin..
waa jealous
kakmin ke hamley’s ..itula rumah ihab..

4. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

kekekek..my further comment will be after the 38 pages..toodles.i’ve some work to do..lol

jet keco..
mementang dia gi hamleys gak

5. enn0suke - August 10, 2007

very interesting la your e-journal… i bet mesti ramai yg dload e-journal tu, very eager to see the ‘gebu’ face of Miss Minci.. hehe! hey, honestly, ada bakat la write a book…

6. Puteri Nad :-) [bespren sarah] - August 10, 2007

i want to see you drool!! yerrr kakmin..cmner ek rupa dia agaknye..

7. 13may - August 10, 2007

waaa…best betoi 😀

8. shutterspeaks - August 10, 2007

ada gebu face of miss minci. aiyakkk, baru 15%, cptlah sikit…

pakah moo di tgh meja mkn itu satu perhiasan?

9. Minci - August 10, 2007

Kak D,
ehehe.. Kak D very der wise.. hmmm I think I want to go Germany lar plak.. Prague ke, Budapest ke.. hehe

Okeh.. nanti aku usha tiket2 murah kat lastminute.com

knp rumah Ihab? ihab suka gi hamley’s kah? oh..gambar drool? as in tido drool or gatal drool? motip tetiba nk highlight ‘besfren sarah’? which sarah ok?

kui kui kui..mmg best

dah 100% lom wahai si bapa? kah kah kah.. oh.. itu moo letak kat situ sbb nk tunjuk betapa besarnya ikan tersebut .. 😆

ahaha.. setakat buat pdf jer.. manalah ada bakat tulis buku.. huhu.. aiyo.. my face where got gebu wan.. 😛

10. kaSyah - August 10, 2007

why i can’t download…hohoho..kena block ke?

11. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

hahahha sebab mngomen at daju’s yg adalah housmet sarah..
lol malunyer

12. Minci - August 10, 2007

can.. try ‘Save Target As’

ahahaha.. oh yea.. I see

13. hafiz - August 10, 2007

I have seen those old lecture theatre at my hospital. Instead of using it for dissecting dead bodies, they used the theatre to discuss histopathology and shows slide shows of interesting lesions 🙂

14. jet - August 10, 2007

nice writing..i like.hoo..bukan mirinda ke?demn..sori..mabuk laut lah katakan..haha..

haha..cite famous amos aku pon ko nak letak ye..gelak sorg2 aku baca..hehe..

yey..finished reading..arigatou~


15. baez - August 10, 2007

mak datuk, detail nye, maka sila la bukak syarikat agensi pelancongan ok kakmin, pasti mendapat sambutan hangat, dan daku nak spesel membership ok~

btw kalo kat uk
my choices include :

3) melawat kakmin kakfiza dan jet dancing squids
2) candle light dinner dengan either one of u
1) menari ngan jet

16. baez - August 10, 2007

matila ihab tersisih, jadi no 3 tambah la ihab

17. baez - August 10, 2007

i couldnt download btw journal itu lambang dia blank page, kene pakai Explorer ke ok

18. jet - August 10, 2007

baez..why kenot candle lite dinner with all three of us?bleh plus nad skali, hanta pakai pos laju..3 hari da smpi..hehe..

ok..i oso wanna dance with u..haha..with the squid in between..

19. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

i just want to be belanjaed pls~~~don wan to menari wif squids sekalian..heeeee

but want ihab to bring to hamleys!!

20. baez - August 10, 2007

urm kalo sekali tiga2, susah nak pandang mata sorang2 ok, dia kene kosenteret LOL, nad nak ikut ke jomla okey
semenye disapot oleh kakmin dan jet
maka kita berlenggang kangkung je

owh mamo dance sambil ada squids in between, nak dancing teknik yang laju2 tu

21. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

hahahah mmg ok mmg kakmin yg sapot..bestnye holiday itu

22. fiza - August 10, 2007

kakmin nk pegi lagi ek?
nk ikot leh ke? nk kena beli baju hard rock lg..aritu salah saiz
baju aritu nk buat baju tido lah

baez nk dtg melawat ke? cuti2 UK?
bawak nad sekali yer!

23. aria-ayumi - August 11, 2007

wohoho hanging spiderman! huhu statik je dia. diya uat nak tarik die ke bwh, bleh tak :p

very cute robi, bori n soho 😀

24. shutterspeaks - August 11, 2007

sudeh 100 persen, dan sudeh boleh buat kenduri khatam, pulut kuning dgn kari ayam sodap gaks neh. halfway through kuar gak muka cik minci nih ngeh ngeh, mendakap dada ala2 ahli kumpulan nasyid menyampaikan lagu maal hijrah. very the rajin lah u. kalo ko paed, boleh bawak segala haiwan peliharaan itu ke klinik ko heheh…

moo itu gagal menunjukkan betapa besarnya ikan itu kerana, aku tidak boleh merelatifkan saiznya. kalau ko berdiri sebelah ikan tu mungkin boleh miahahaha…

byk nak komen neh, sikit2 lah…

25. Minci - August 11, 2007

hoh.. mesti best kan.. belajar dlm suasana ‘ancient2’ gitu.. 🙂

Nad + Baez,
oh dtg lah sebelum kitrog fly balik.. tapi kalo tk sempat pun.. tuh hah.. Jet ada lagi kat sini lepas kitrog grad.. eh.. bukan ihab sajorr yg tersisih ok.. khalikok endang canne? kang khalikok bawak tgk laut jer lambang dendam.. haha (baez: apakah ‘dancing squids’ pun masuk top3 ?)

ahaha.. menari ngan kau jadi first choice.. bolehlah korang jadi dancing queens kat dapo..

piang piang piang.. nk aku baring sblh ikan tuh ker? ala2 mermaid gitu.. haha.. oh.. menjadi dokto paeds adalah satu cita2 jugak.. *mungkin mmg patut aku beli RC helikopter ari tuh*

nk ikut bley.. nk pesan pun bley..

that speedamen kan rasa mcm nk tarik2 jer supaya boleh gambar ngan dia kat tepi.. miahaha

26. hafiz - August 11, 2007

my hospital has old and new buildings. that lecture theater is located at the old building. Most of the time I spent at the new building, so takderlah selalu pergi pun 🙂

27. kaSyah - August 13, 2007

firstly.. glad u selamat balik. n makin sehat.

hushh masa gi travel solo tu memang independent n tough girl ye..dah la kat negara org..semua besaq2 nak banding ngan ko.sib baik x ikut abg Lebanon balik rumah..hoho

memang best la aku baca journal tu…layan 3-4 kali. makan sampai half chicken, tapi kalo kasi kat aku bole abis punya la…haha

kat hamsley tu xde kakashi figure ke? n kim salam kat SOHO-bu..cumil. eh, ape makne die?

ohh..kalo sore abg sexy nak gi beli banyak kali. bagus2, nanti aku praktikakn kalo aku bukak gerai ramadhan nanti. tgk la kalo mkin ramai customer atau semua customer lari…haha

sehelai arsenal jersey leh bayar sebulan umah aku ye…nak kena ni. 😛

28. Syafrizal - August 13, 2007

Is it true they still have a mark on that old operating table? Kind of creepy on how fast they cut someone leg or something.

29. Minci - August 13, 2007

wahh.. ko baca ala2 novel plak yer..haha.. oh silalah prektikkan sore mcm macho + dalam + ‘clear’ .. tapi jgn tambah dgn ‘gatal’ tau.. buat sore tuh dgn budi bahasa mesti ramai org dtg..woohoo..
oh.kt hamley’s tkder kakashi figure..anime sume tkde.. mungkin ada..tp aku tk perasan..haha

SOHO-Bu sebab.. kat london ada satu tmpt nama SOHO pastuh.. Bu tuh saja tambah sbb ‘lem-BU’.. itulah maksudnya

i dont thingk there were any marks on the tbales I saw but YES..mmg creepy giller tgk gambar diorg perform amputations..

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