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:: Negaraku August 9, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Ponderings.

Namewee – The hype of the moment eh? A hero to some. A traitor to others.

He’s creative and the remix of his Negarakuku is great. To vent out frustrations through songs is great and though there is truth to what he said, he spoilt his big moment by making fun of other people’s religion. That’s just a big No-No. There are just some things you shouldn’t make fun of. Like calling a fellow Indian in our country as Keling or saying things like ‘Cina makan babi, padanlah bau macam babi’ or passing uncivilized remarks like ‘Orang Sarawak banyak guna ilmu hitam, they live in rumah panjang’ and ‘Orang Kelantan bodoh sebab makan budu’. Again, big No-No.

We Malays like to think that Malaysia is an Islamic country but really, Muslims are still as alien as they are to the outside world in Malaysia. A relative of mine works in a company owned by a non-muslim. Let’s call him Mr Azman’s company. This is also to remind people that by being a Malay, you are not necessarily a Muslim. For all we know, someone may appear to look Malay, only to know he/she is not Muslim. For example, without Akademi Fantasia (AF), even we Malaysians didn’t know that having a bin/binti in their names is not an indication of being a follower of Islam.

Back to my story, Relative was one of the only 4 muslims who worked in that company. The rest were non-muslims. One day, they had a staff training session. Lunch break was from 12 to 1 pm. Seriously, where do you selit zuhr prayers there? Muslim A enquired the programme coordinator about a place to pray.

“Pray?” she asked back, partially startled. “Ok.. I show you”

They were led to a room, a small dark musky storage room.

“This is the only room we’ve got”. OK.. having a room was good enough. No complaints. Islam is simple. You can pray almost anywhere as long as its clean. They thank the programme coordinator politely but the story did not end there as she continued, “you guys can pray now”

“Ohh.. we cannot pray because it’s not time for it yet” says Muslim B.

“Huh why? Training starts at 1 until 5. How?” They tried explaining again the concept of ‘masuk waktu’ but the lady still did not understand. Can’t really blame her, right? We don’t even understand that vegetarians strictly cannot eat meat (yet we still give them prawns to eat), Christians have Lent, Hindus regard cows as sacred (of which we carefree-ly butcher in front of their houses) and yet we want people to understand our religion. And regardless if you’re muslim or not, just how many of us knew why Putrajaya and KLCC was built in the first place? Or can we actually blame them for they are living in an Islamic country? I don’t know, you decide.  

Even in our country we fail to understand each other, apatah lagi di luar negara. Come to the UK and if you had a conversation with people other than those in the masjid, they will say that Malaysia is a Chinese country. They believe that majority of Malaysians are Chinese and Islam is a religion of the minority. Yalah.. if you go talking to imams and people who frequent the masjid, of course they’d say that PM is great, bring Islam to a great level and if you’re wondering which PM, that’ll be Tun M. This is of course not common knowledge. The only Islamic country people know is Indonesia.

We boast of being tolerant to each other but not all share this sentiment. We claim we work together but thats only a fraction of what we see in our daily lives. I dapat scholarship nih pun ada yang menghina dan kata saya tak layak untuk terima. Semua kerana saya seorang bumiputera. But truly, this scholarship is my gateway/ticket to step up from a less priviledged background to later in life, be in par with the rest of the more priviledged countrymen/women. This is my ‘fishing lesson’ so my family and I may eat for the rest of my lives. Alas, not many people see that. 

All in all, eventhough we are achieving our 50 years anniversary in a few weeks time, there’s still a lot that we have to do to fully realize Vision 2020. Another 13 years, sempat ke? Until then, please take pride in singing our countries national anthem. Don’t slouch. Stand up straight with your arms by the side. Look up, eyes ahead as though zooming into the future and puff that chest out.

About my Relative back at her workplace, there was a glitch in the sound system for an hour. So, they managed to pray after all. I wonder what’ll they do if the programme started promptly.



1. Puteri Nad :-) - August 9, 2007

yes kakmin sangat true..
we r not as islamic as we think [negara-wise]
and ada orang sengaja glitchkan sound system tu supaya rakan2nye leh semayang

2. baez - August 9, 2007

urm btw
kat jordan lak
org ingat
seme adalah islam
in which in reality, hanyalah 60 percent or less
sigh mode

3. baez - August 9, 2007

owh still im grateful
lmbg sini senang solat
senang makan
bleh makan kfc
bege king
dan segala macam fastfood mode (angkuh lol)

4. Puteri Nad :-) - August 9, 2007

kat ukraine dia ingat majoriti adalah cina..

5. baez - August 9, 2007

lmbg dikau bermata sepet kah?

6. Puteri Nad :-) - August 9, 2007

dikau la sepet..mata i besar

7. Minci - August 9, 2007

berborak sakan pula anak2 ini.. haha

eleh.. tk jeles pun (dlm hati: “siaplah kena keja ngan sotong mlm nih”)

ada org glitchkan.. wow.. tk pernah plak terfikir.. haha
acececece.. mata cik nad besar… mcm heliza kah?

8. jet - August 9, 2007

hoh..best nye baez leh makan segala benda..

nad nad..mata i da kering..u sapukan..haha..

kamen..namewee ni jahat eh?die kutuk-kutuk orang eh..tpkan, omputeh mmg bodoh la..dia maen assume je benda2 melalui penglihatan die..bukan melalui pengetahuan dia, cm ko..ko pande tules..pegi la ilmukan omputeh..tp bukan ilmu hitam tau..haha..apela ckp org sarawak pakai ilmu hitam..x bek tau..

9. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

best ok panggey kakmin..kemen..jet kamu watkan diriku temimpi kamu td malam..tp kamu nanes baju aku meratapi rambutku..kekekke

10. adiratna - August 10, 2007

mostly true…

11. Minci - August 10, 2007

bijaklah falsafah dikau.. bak kata aku, kau mmg patut ada column dlm suratkhabar ataupun majalah – majalah DARA ker.. hah

kamen tuh rasanya dari sin chan.. eh yer ker..


12. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

a’ah ok tp bukan kamen ok..kemen tanda manja

13. jet - August 10, 2007

kamen dr shin chan yeh..kemen dr nad..nad..tengkiu for mimpi-ing me..hehe..

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