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:: Transformers August 9, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.

Allow me to write in an australian accent. ahaha.. now how the heck do I do that? 😛

After the great ‘barbie’ we had last weekend, it seemed the right thing to do to go watch a movie in Manchester. Having heard how great Transformers was, we decided to give it a go and boy we were not disappointed. I alawyas worry that if I have high expectations towards something, it’ll turn out to be a complete crap. I’m glad it wasn’t the case with this movie.

This guy is a real fanatic – awesome!

Now, I was never a fan of Transformers or anything that’s got to do with robots. I just hate them. I guess my feelings changed and who wouldn’t when you’ve got a DNA enhanced machine like Bumblebee around. The only Transformers I knew in my life was my previous dorm-mate (B1-13) in secondary school. It was a dorm shared by nearly 40 students and there were 6 students from my batch. We called one of us Transformers because she had the habit of putting her hands on her hips and stand with her legs wide open while talking to us. Hence, she became the Transformers in our group and she was cool with that. Ha ha.

I have to say that my favourite scene was when all the Autobots were at Sam Witwicky’s house waiting for him to retrieve his grandfather’s glasses. The sight of them trying to hide their gigantic figure from Sam’s family was hilarious. and the constant ‘Shh.. Shhh..’ from Bumblebee’s cheeky mechanical face got me into fits of laughter. Jet says she wants to adopt Bumblebee.

I’m easily amused so yea.. I laughed the whole way through no matter how lame the joke was. I am so going to get the DVD. *Australian accent finishes here*



1. Puteri Nad :-) - August 9, 2007

kekekke told ya

2. jet - August 9, 2007

nearly nanes mase kaki bumblebee putuih..ceh..naluri wanita~

3. yanti - August 9, 2007

G-day matey.. Super naisu (nice) blog! I hope you don’t mind I read your blog.
Is the aussie accent part only ‘barbie’? hehe..

4. Minci - August 9, 2007


wah..sampai nannes2 kah

ahaha.. i dont really know how to write an entry in aussie.. so i guess you’d jes have to read it in an aussie accent.. lol.. of course I dont mind u reading my blog. it is after all up for public view..

5. Puteri Nad :-) - August 9, 2007

kamu ini tak kering2 lagi kolam air mata nya?

6. shutterspeaks - August 9, 2007

told ya, transformers is the best movie ever… ko ketawa real life miahahaha jugak ker ko ketawa terbahak2 atau ketawa kecil2 gitu.

7. daju - August 9, 2007

hehhe..i pun slalu cmtu..high expectations last2 merana..
transformers..blom tgk lagi..
never really like cite2 robot2 or i could say mmg xakan jd reality..

8. hafiz - August 9, 2007

haha…australian accent eh …it will be difficult to know the accent from the writing. the best way to know is by talking 🙂

9. Minci - August 9, 2007

We will allow her to take her time.. heh

ketawa mengilai-ilai dan berkekek2 bley? hihihi

well dear.. you really must watch ur first robot story with Transformers.. it would hopefully not let you down..

hihihi.. thats the idea.. so sila baca out loud.. kah kah kakh

10. adiratna - August 10, 2007

Yo mates.. so ol’ da comments wol be in aussie too yeah? Wotched da movie aeind (&) get a dream of transformers at the night..cool

11. Minci - August 10, 2007

you dream become what? Megatron kah? ngeh ngeh ngeh

12. kaSyah - August 10, 2007

still not watching it yet la..hurmm

13. jet - August 10, 2007

kamon kasyah..u haf to watch it..

14. Puteri Nad :-) - August 10, 2007

sila tengok ok kasyah..dia kelaka

15. jet - August 10, 2007

nad?pom-pom kah?ken i join u..hehe

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