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:: Shoes for my ‘lily foot’ August 14, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

It is impossible to estimate at exactly what phase in development on earth that man first thought of protecting his feet from the natural hazards of weather/climate and the rough ground that they walked on. Shoes are very interesting to analyze because they have a long history. It is obvious that shoes were made for the shielding of feet but aside from their actual purpose, shoes can help to tell the story of the person who wore them.

Shoes can help tell the economic and social status, values, and styles of the owner. By looking at a pair of shoes one can see that they reflect the personality of the wearer. The shape in which the shoe is in can help tell how the wearer stands and walks (it gives us a strong indication of personality) (Colin Dowell). Shoes also show character by showing how the individual reacts to fashion. In addition, one can tell whether the wearer of the shoes and the shoes themselves are in style by looking at the quality of the materials that the shoes are made from. Furthermore, by looking at the monetary value, brand name of the shoes, and the condition of the shoes (whether they are old or new) can help tell about the owners’ fashion styles.

Source : Women’s Fashion Shoes

Perhaps being picky and indecisive about which shoe to buy is also an indication of personality. This is my new pair of shoes for this academic year, specifically bought for ‘hospital use’. Anybody want to play clairvoyant?


Skechers : £25

The other choice was a black Skechers 

A sagittal view?

Now let’s have a look at Za’s new shoes from SoleTraders. Was it £28? I’m not sure.

Pretty sexy with those net-like look.

Jet modelling the shoes – she’s saving up for her Adidas pair

It took about 3 attempts to get this shot.. haha

So, what sort of personality did you gather from there?



1. jet - August 14, 2007

personaliti disorder keh..sbb u r simply crazy..xyah tgk kasot..haha [menohmah sbb x dapat kasot..]

2. daju - August 15, 2007

i bought new shoes too..
something from nike..
yg rasenye mampu utk dilanyak2 tiap hari ke class redah snow sume..

3. mixterr - August 15, 2007

etnies !! mcm skater shoes je name die?? tapikan kasut yg second ni mane satu belah kanan n mane satu bela kiri.. same jer.. hehehe

4. Puteri Nad :-) - August 15, 2007

that pairs yg last tu ibarat tak muat…hehe ye ke ok??

5. Lucretcia IV - August 15, 2007

cant tell because the model is not the owner..
kenapa nampak macam pakai terbalik aje..?
but there is comment or opinion based on the skechers shoe

6. dbi - August 15, 2007

nak tanya..minci ni kat mana??? malaysia ker uk??? or baru balik dari shopping kat london????..kelasss

7. hafiz - August 15, 2007

what is in the shoes that induce women to buy a lot of footwear? There are many shops that sell footwear for women than male footwear and I never figure out why…

8. Minci - August 15, 2007

ahaha.. nk tohmah aku konon.. eyyy.. sure ke ko pakai kasut tuh tk terbalik? haha.. matilah curiga

yes.. we need cekal shoes kan for class?

eh? ntahlah.. tk pernah tahu menahu..pasal kiri kanan tuh ko tanyalah jet.. haha

a ah.. lmbang tuh kasut Za yg tlh dimodelkan oleh Jet

like what? 😛

doktores dbi,
me still in UK. tuh beli masa soppin2 kat Manchester

that wud depend on the woman lar.. I dont buy a lot of footwear for reasons its hard to find a shoe of my taste.. hehehe.. i guess yg suka beli byk2 is so that dia matching dgn baju lah kot.. n majlis and sometimes sbb jes sukan nk beli.. haha

9. jet - August 15, 2007

sh*t..!salah ke kiri kanan okeh?aku sgt yakin aku pakai betol kanan-kirinya…haha..matilah kena tohmah semula..no-no..dgn yakinnya menjawab kasut tuh tak terbalik, cuma posisi kaki aku yang agak cacat..siyes..


10. Puteri Nad :-) - August 15, 2007

jet kakimu bentuknye camne???

11. Puteri Nad :-) - August 15, 2007

jet it is terbalik!!

12. jet - August 15, 2007

no..it is not..i assure u..

13. Zy - August 15, 2007

ada warna hijo kah sketchers ya? ~hikhik~

14. muhsin - August 15, 2007

urm wow
those are handsome esp the skechers lol
btw kakmin susah pilih kasut ke?
daku kalo gi mall jalan2 terus nampak dan merampas dan membayar tanpa berfikir
btw personality jet adalah
she’s sexy LOL

15. kaSyah - August 16, 2007

how many shoes girls buy in a year?

n both shoes kawaii maa.

xpenah jumpa kat mesia lagi ( atau memang xpenah gi tgk kasut pompuan)


16. Amoun - August 16, 2007


Wanita dan kasut2…
Sukar difahami jiwa lelaki LOL

17. jet - August 16, 2007

baez..personality jet adalah sexy?hahahahhaha..

kamen susa pilih kasut kerna kakinye kecil comel..

18. Minci - August 16, 2007

rona ijo sekda.. huhu

knp tk try dulu ok..nanti tk suka susah

depends on the girl.. tk sumer pompuan suka beli kasut..contoh.. AKU..terima kasih.. tuan yg kawaii mestilah mempunyai kasut yg kawaii

aha.. nad ada tk buat ambush kat umah kau.. 😛

yea.. kaki kecil ibarat kena bound.. miahaha

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