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:: +447774598750* August 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I’m changing back to my green theme cause black looks too gloomy.  

Operator : Vodafone customer service. I’m Sarah (not real name). how can I help you?
Me           : Hi.. I’m wondering if I could change my phone number

(after taking my details..)

Operator : May I ask why would you like to change it?

(Silence. Fumbling for an answer)

Operator : Is someone bothering you?
Me           : Yea.
Operator : Well.. Miss Minci. You would have to first do a police report about this person who’s bothering you. Send it to us and we will happily change your number for free. Is that ok?

Me            : Yes, thank you
Operator : You’re very welcome. Good luck (kindly)

This conversation took place in 2005. It’s one of the stories I dug up from my diary. See? Writing format for diary is very much like writing for a blog. Haha.

I ended up not changing my number for I felt it was too much of a hassle. I mean I could easily ignore this particular freak. So why not do just that. I kept his number so that if I see it lit up on my phone screen as a caller, I’d just don’t answer it. Until he gets bored.

2 years later, he’s still not bored and I’m still not answering.

* I read this in a magazine some years ago that if a freak wants your phone number and you have difficulty in saying NO, then just give him this number (+447774598750). Works only in the UK though and its supposed to be diverted to a radio station or something. I’m not sure if this service still exists.



1. jet - August 17, 2007

oh..sile kasik nombor untuk digunapakai di malaysia pulak..

2. baez - August 17, 2007

OMG! adakah daku dikatakan bothersome oleh kakmin!

3. baez - August 17, 2007

eh btw matila org tu feeling kaunselor boley? ibarat tanya ada bende tak bothering katanye, daku terpaku

urm mobilecomjordan is now ORANGE, beriya siap tukar signboard pejabat, walhal syarikat prancis

4. Puteri Nad =( - August 17, 2007

woww kakmin …report katanye

5. Minci - August 17, 2007

nanti aku carik.. ha ha

bukan dikau ok.. sila jgn perasan..

yea..serious sgtlah plak kalo gi repot kan..

6. Puteri Nad =( - August 17, 2007

jet kalo nak malaysia nye ialah +6037552525

7. kaSyah - August 18, 2007

nad, betul ke no tu bole pakai kat mesia? nak try juga la…but kena cari dulu freak2 yg sudi mengkaco..hehe..

8. 13may - August 18, 2007

kat mesia…kalau nak tepon kena guna nombor apa???

hehhe 😉

9. Puteri Nad =( - August 18, 2007

haahha ye kasyah boleh
tu no pizza hut dulu2
kalo ada orang mintak no phone kita mmg kasik no tu

10. pakcik muda - August 18, 2007

ohh…pizza hut.

teringat mase kecik2 tak reti bi.

seven pai pai…tupai..tupai….

igtkan pizza tu ada jual daging tupai ape…hohoho

11. hafiz - August 18, 2007

banyak juga angka untuk nombo telefon di uk kan…kat sini hanya sekitar 8-9 nombor sahaja (excluding phone code for each state)

12. Minci - August 18, 2007

ahaha..pizza hut ker.. 😛

freak mana plak nk kaco ngko nih.. heh

13 may,
tak tau ok.. tulunlah carikkan.. 😆

ehhh..pakcik muda nih bukan kasyah ker?

oh..that is including the international code.. yg +44 tuh

13. jet - August 18, 2007

nad..too obviousla..jike aku tnye dikau no fon dan ko kasik yg tuh, aku kompom tau ko tipu..unless org itu sgt jahil la kn..

14. shutterspeaks - August 18, 2007

ujud lagikah 755 2525 itu jet?

minci san, apa no kamu di sana? boleh ber texting miahahaha…

15. jet - August 18, 2007

oh..tatau la incik shutterspeaks..tapi sy igt itu nombor kerana nombor surat beranak sy itu macam..haha..

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