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:: Mystery of the calamity August 17, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

Another entry for the Dream Diary. The change of theme is in conjunction with me going into Radiology next week. Heh~

This time the dream took place in a tropical country of which I assumed to be Malaysia. This dream is like a few months ago and was documented on my Notepad.

It was a class field trip looking into the remains of what used to be a very prosperous village. An unknown calamity struck and only a few people survived. Our project was to try to interview them and find out what actually happened. For the survivors had never told a single soul of what took place ever since.

We went there by helicopter. Flew quite low and upsetted quite a few people who were in the paddy field. The class was welcomed by this old man and was led into a room where a meal was already laid out. I remembered it being all those delicious traditional Malayfood like sambal belacan , ulam and stuff and it was really great. The old man did not stay with us throughout the meal nor did he utter a single word. I’m starting to think that maybe in this dream I am not a Malaysian, but more of a Caucasian? 😛  (Ooo.. this reminds me of Harry Potter who is able to intercept into Voldemort’s mind)

We took the liberty to explore the building. The floor was made of cold grey cement and the walls were painted a light blue. The building looked like a big flat/hostel with very few residents. We walked out of the room through another door to find a dark corridor with a hint of light towards one end. We walked towards the light and stepped out of the dark corridor to see this very beautiful courtyard. It was still well taken care off by the remaining people and I thought I saw an old lady curiously peeking at us from behind her washing as she hung them up to dry.

Hmmm.. there’s a lot of old people, I thought.

We found a spiral staircase nearby and I went up with a guy friend. God knows who. The others took the other stairs for there were loads anyway. The stairs was an old steel one and the walls beside it was still painted a light blue with framed potraits along the way. The stair led to rooms with doors opened and I was overjoyed for I could see how these people led their lives before the wipe-out.

I was surprised. It looked like a modern room. A teenage room.  Fancy bedsheets, cool gadgets and computers, a guitar! The clothes were hip, funky and just whoa! Expensive stuff. I had so many questions that sprung to mind. My friend said,

“Sebab tuh agaknya diorang pakai baju cam ni kat luar. (That’s why they wear clothes like that outside)”

It took me a while to try and understand what he was saying. I guess he means that these people hid their lavish lifestyle by dressing down outside. Is it? I’m not sure. I was about to respond when we heard a chilly scream. Our friends’ continous scream which came louder and louder as the danger or whatever it is was approaching us.

But till now I never knew what it was for I have woken up.  :mrgreen:



1. Puteri Nad =( - August 17, 2007

maksud dia
sumerang menyamar je ke??

2. Danial - August 17, 2007

cerita misteri n theme yang beraura misteri jugak…

3. Minci - August 17, 2007

oh..that I don’t know

ahaha… sgt gelap plak theme nih.. mcm tk best

4. baez - August 17, 2007

mimpi dikau sgt jitu dan detail, daku terpaku utk berkali2 katanye sambil nannes terkesima
btw takutnye, adakah diorg menjerit lambang ada bencana
mrasalah mimpi bencana
btw i sleep lyk 3 times per day
yet i do dream lyk 1 time per month
itu pon tak ingat
motif daku adalah restless sampai takleh wat mimpi
nak mimpi dikau kejar dengan pisau potong kek
atau nak mimpi melihat jet menari dengan sotong

5. kaSyah - August 18, 2007

u still remember what’s face on that framed potrait?

n…how the chilly scream sound like?…pontianak?langsuir?puchong*?..haha

6. Puteri Nad =( - August 18, 2007

gamba dia adalah gamba kasyah..

7. hafiz - August 18, 2007

interesting entry on dream 🙂

8. Minci - August 18, 2007

somehow rasa mcm it’s more like a monster daripada bencana alam yg dtg..

the one screaming was my friends, so it’s definitely mcm ‘aku takut’ nyer jeritan


been dreaming a lot.. thats why

9. shutterspeaks - August 18, 2007

uh aku bernasib malang kerna tidak sempat menatap theme itu walaupun utk seketika.

hopefully, ur dream nih ada sequel nya, baru tahu apakah punca jeritan itu.

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