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:: 1 litre of tears August 18, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.

This entry was taken from my old blog. Recycling! haha


Arigatou to Zeed for her intro to Ichi Ritoru No Namida ( 1 litre of tears).. I strongly feel that if you’ve discovered a Japanese drama as great as this, you don’t keep it to yourself. Pass it on to others.
Arigatou to animextenshi for putting the story up in YouTube. It is important to be fully prepared when watching this..

1. Drink lots of water to prevent lacrimal dehydration
2. Reserve a day to finish watching it all in one go
3. If possible, watch with friends
4. A box of tissue..

I could come up with 2 ‘reviews’ for this. One with a positive outlook and the other.. a negative one. I do not wish to share the bad girls attitude though.

As in any other disease-related movie, it’s all about the hero/heroins struggle to fight back, against all odds. it’s nothing new.. I’m more interested with the fact that when you’re at a disadvantage, it is OK to get sympathy, be pitied.. – why pretend to be so strong when really at heart all you need is someone to help you. These are after all gentle glances of people and are meant to be discriminating.


Also to go through life within your limits and remember that the whole world doesn’t evolve around you all the time no matter how disabled you are.

[interframe] being disabled doesn’t give you the right to pass on racial/ hate based remarks onto other people too.. being in a wheelchair does not give you right to ridicule other passengers on the bus !

Most medical students want to be doctors because they  want to help other people, make a difference to one’s life. In this drama however, you’ll see that it is actually patients that are helping the doctors. Patients help us to keep going and remember why we chose this path in the first place.


There was one question that keep popping up and I know it’s a difficult one to answer in any clinical situation. It’s only towards the end do I discover what the answer is and I hope those who will watch this.. may find it too.

” Why did the disease choose me?”


1. Puteri Nad =( - August 18, 2007

sedeykan the story
it taught me a lot of things
and true to its title,i did cry one litre of tears

the disease chose u,becoz god knows u can handle it..[maybe]

2. jet - August 18, 2007

oh..aku igt pakcik disable yg bersikap racist dan maen2kan perasaan org muslim itu..nek kusi roda lagi mau ckp jahat2..mungkin die takot dengan kite yg stare kat die..

3. Minci - August 18, 2007

another thing that made me think was this:

kan dia nyer symptom appear very subtle kan.. lyke ala2 clumsy jer mula2..
kalolah kawan kita camtuh jugak.. mesti sedeykan sbb tk figure out earlier..

4. aria-ayumi - August 19, 2007

ase mcm penah nampak je hero jepun tuh. dlm cite ape tah. yg drama die nak jadik pilot.

5. Nur Amirah Shaharom - August 19, 2007

Puteri Nad, it is not maybe. It is ‘for sure’. He knows you can get through it. He knows what the best for you. one thing, I am not really a drama fan… tambah2 utk crita sdeh2 gni. But crita ni, taught me a lot.

6. Just A Lady~ - August 19, 2007

citernye sedih…. walupun tak pernah tgk tapi ramai yg dah citer.. jadi bagaikan seolah dah tgk…. hehehe~
wahh recycling entry… never thought of that~! boleh la…

7. Minci - August 19, 2007

ntahlah.. tk recall plak aku..

oh so true

kak syifa,
tgkler akak.. best… heh

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