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:: Memorize into memory August 21, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

“How do you medical students memorise all your stuff, hah?” a friend asked.

Aiyo, this question very hard to answer. It’s been a while since I sit down quietly to actively remember a theory or things. I guess things change over the years when you rely yourself to retain stuff in your head by;

  • Reading stuff diligently everyday, in other words being consistent.

  • Translate theory into clinical practice.

  • Study with friends and just absorb what they tell you first-hand, as long as it’s not false information.

  • Attend lectures in person or virtually. Listen to profesional podcasts or amateur-ish MP3s you make on your own. (If my USB port was working, I wouldn’t mind reading aloud my textbook and put it up as an MP3 source.. miahaha)

  • Try mnemonics? 

Speaking of mnemonics.. here’s one I gathered from my Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) session today. Managed to scribble a bit during that hour long procedure. ERCP involves having this rod-like camera down your throat to see your bile duct and pancreatic duct. This is done while you’re half awake, with local anaesthetic of course.


Risk Factors for getting Gallstones : 5F’s

F emale
F orty over
F at (obese)
F ood (western diet)
F amily (genetic predisposition)

So, take care of yourself. Getting probed is unpleasant I tell you. 😈

Any further tips on how to memorise? or have you got an interesting mnemonic to share?

*Condolences to Fren Kazomi for the loss of his Grandma.


1. jet - August 21, 2007

other F are fertile and fair..krn pompuan yg in their productive years prone to it..dan caucasian..i guess that’s explain the western food thingy..[ini in relation to how i remember it, sbb xde food tuh..]

2. Puteri Nad =( - August 21, 2007

n dia mcm terpaksa menghafal nie
human minds work wonders dalam xtreme situation

3. adiratna - August 22, 2007

..but not very very well dalam forced situation. Cuba tanya benda yang nak urgent. EH… lupa lak aku dah makan nasi ke belum?

4. adiratna - August 22, 2007

1. So macamana pulak dengan neuron? Neuron terlibat dalam memorizing tak?
2. Kalau dalam PC kita ada RAM untuk access data dari Storage (HD), apa bhg yang act sebagai RAM kita? Ada option upgrade? 🙂

5. Minci - August 22, 2007

oh..so good girl lah u..syabas beta

being human we are always wonderful.. 😆

neuron is part of the brain. dia kira mcm wayar2 dlm otak ah.. motif engkau nk tanya aku pasal RAM segala.. that is loike I dono ogeh.. 😈

6. adiratna - August 23, 2007

aku ingat apai tau..

7. kaSyah - August 23, 2007

more practices….the only thing i can do with my study even..im too lazy for it…

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