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:: Medical melodies – Amateur Transplants August 25, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun, Music Reviews.

I had written in my previous post about the ways a student may choose to do in trying to memorise stuff. There are of course countless ways of how some people do it.

Visual aids, those sort of thing. Well.. how about through songs? I first heard about The Amateur Transplants in Year 3 and these are some of the songs I discovered on Youtube. Read more about this duo here. (Teamkudo.com). These doctors write blogs too. These songs aren’t exactly revision material but they’re funny.

Warning : Some people may find these songs (few) disturbing, for there will be parts of the lyrics where other people’s miseries seems funny. Anyway, it’s pretty simple.. you don’t like it, leave. Being too serious can kill the soul 😉

The Amateur Transplants
1 – Eternal Clerking
2 – The NHS song
3 – Never Let a Woman Drive
4 – London Underground
5 – Northern Birds
6 – The Drugs Song – gotta love the ending!!
7 – One Hand
8 – Your Baby – there’s a pic of a very abnormal genitalia of an adult man in this clip. Truly, ‘WHAT??’
9 – (You Look Like S***, When You Wear) Nothing At All
10 – Disney Time
11 – Yellow
12 – Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin – haha.. this could be the new supercallifragi..bla bla bla

LIVE Performances
1 – New Man
2 – Careless Surgeon
3 – Anaesthetists Hymn – love this
4 – Titanic – sexual content
5 – Beautiful – good play on words.. ha ha
6 – Loin King
7 – Web 2.0
8 – Libel Case



1. hafiz - August 26, 2007

interesting videos

I usually used medical mnemonics to remember things in medicine. Just google medical mnemonics and you will find few good site

2. Minci - August 26, 2007

thanks.. have come across a few too. and hey, happy belated birthday

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