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:: Meiyang Chang August 25, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Uncategorized.

This is Indian Idol. I repeat, this is Indian Idol. This is strangely nice although comments said that he needs to improve on his diction! Well.. I can’t tell, so the people in India would know best.. heh~

Meiyang Chang, the third generation Chinese who is settled in India is a dentist by profession and is one of the most popular contestants in Indian Idol, both for his looks and his singing capability.  

Source : http://indian-idol.blogspot.com/

Other Meiyang Chang’s clips;



1. Danial - August 26, 2007

man hes good! n u know what, jeles tol ngan chang.he can easily master 3 languages ..aish…

2. Zy - August 26, 2007

ohohohohoho… india here i come! mata sepet itu menjadi pojaan. apatah agik makei spek mata..yahhh, smart nya..hehe

3. Minci - August 26, 2007

yea.. kinda good to master lots of language isn’t it?

ahahaha.. ooooooo.. urang ya dah suka.. ha ha..sampe nk gi india indah

4. WaWa - August 26, 2007

omg! he is really2 good! adoi..

kagum dowh, ckp india mcm org india. dia ckp english pon ada slang india. “bett(tht)er”. haha. adoi.

5. Hari - August 28, 2007

Hi, I am from India. Where are you guys from? Unfortunately Chang got outed from the last 4. Everyone thinks he was worth the top 2 slots but so is voting in this system. A lot, lot, lot of Indians are heartbroken. He was fantastic. One of the lady judges started crying when his going out was announced and threatened to leave the competition. I am very sad too…

6. Minci - August 28, 2007

sgt okeh.. mcm wahh..bestnyer dgr

hello. We are from malaysia. yes, I heard that he got voted off too. Too bad, I thought he’s stand a chance to be in the Top 3 actually. Oh..I think I know that lady judge. she performed once during the show if I’m not mistaken. Oh well.. what to do.. 😉

7. Maesha - September 2, 2007

i love u baby

8. Maesha - September 2, 2007

chang i love you u r simply awesome cause u r a hotmail (hotmale)i wrote a poem :
Chang,my love
i pray to the God and the stars
u always stay what u are
perhaps u r mine in the next lifetime
dont be sad coz there are many opportunities wating for u andi have locked u in my heart lots of hugs maesha

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