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:: Sarawak Layer Cake August 27, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks.

One of the food attractions in Sarawak is the Sarawak Layer Cake or in Malay known as ‘Kek Lapis Sarawak’. It takes a lot of effort, skill and precision to make them which explains why it’ll cost a lot when you do buy them. You’re paying for the skill. It’ll be nice to learn the trade. These kek lapis has names and they’re pretty updated too as illustrated in the pictures below. Credits to Katarsis for images.



 Seri Balas

It’s not just kek lapis that has these cheeky names. I suppose it is normal for you to find cakes named ‘Cindai’. When M Nasir won Juara Lagu 1999 with the Andalusia song, immediately after that a cake was named Andalusia. Matilah budak pompuan sumer tk nk makan. Ha ha. It is a pretty cake. Made mostly from egg whites and God knows what else to give the cake a fair ‘complexion’. Ngaa.. is it an indication that girls with fair , pretty skin will be andalusia’s? Miahaha 😈

*andalusia = ‘An’ (anak) ‘da’ (dara) ‘lan’ (lanjut) ‘usia’ . In other words it means spinster/old maid.

Note: Might be going to Sarawak at the end of this year to visit relatives. Maybe could persuade my nice aunties to bake one for me. Hihihi~



1. jet - August 27, 2007

perghh..ape berani bena kamu meletak gamba ini di sini..dan menyebabkan aku terliur?aku rage nanti, kan susa..plis, plis, plis, ask u auntie to bake and bring some bek to me..hokey..dolu, mse kat joho suke g kedai yang jual kek lapis sarawak, sebab die kasik try dienye kek..wahahaha..makan, try sume skali..wlpon pieces kecik, tp menawan…pehtu, sumerg klua kedai..

2. Puteri Nad =( - August 27, 2007

i like kek lapis a lot~

3. Minci - August 27, 2007

ahaha.. bestnyer kedai tuh.. ya ya.. I ask auntie to bake and then I bring back.. ke ke ke

4. daju - August 27, 2007

sedap..and cantek kan..
kak min u blaja la from ur aunt..then post the ‘how to..’ here..

5. kaSyah - August 28, 2007

terrer makan saaja…its look colourful n…yummy

6. D - August 28, 2007

Very delicate and beautiful.. but such a waste to gobble them up, don’t you think? LOL

7. mixterr - August 28, 2007

ermm sedap dan manis.. dulu selalu gak makan kawan bawak dari sarawak.. mak die pandai buatt..

8. Minci - August 28, 2007

kuang kuang kuang.. bestnyer kalo boleh buat tapi betullah.. mmg sayang nk gobble it up.. and yes, mmg sedap lemak berkrim

9. King - October 2, 2007

Andalusia is actually a region in spain… not an english word.

10. Minci - October 2, 2007

My bad for writing it up wrongly. of course it’s not an English word. What i meant was, if I were to translate ‘anak dara lanjut usia’ in English, it’ll mean spinster/old maid..

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