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:: My Bowel on screen looked euw August 28, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.


I looked at the main clock on the wall. I have an appointment for a colonoscopy this afternoon that should’ve started an hour ago. Oh well.. I’m sure the doctors have a really good excuse for running this late. A few minutes later, I heard my birthdate being called out by a nurse. She smiled and ushered me through the swinging double doors to a little room full of all this medical gadgets.

There was another nurse in the room, the doctor (he was in the middle of drawing something up in the syringe) and oohh.. another nurse. I stepped towards the bed in the middle of the room, sat on it before being approached by the doctor. He explained to me about the procedure.

I was to have this rod-like camera up my bottom to see how my bowels are. great, big deal! I was given pain killers(pethidine HCl) and sedatives (Midazolam) at the start of the procedure. I was instructed to lie sideways on my left. The nurse strapped the blood pressure cuff and finger monitors on to me. I was also given extra oxygen to breath.

My pants were torn apart (just at the hole, not in a savagely manner) and the doctor put some bit of jelly through it. Helps to ease the sliding of the scope. i reckon. I felt it go in me and it does get a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

 Virtual colonoscopy?

I’m like half rousable and could vividly remember as to how I got here in the first place. Few months ago, I complaint to my GP about my lousy bowel habits. Kept needing the toilet. Kept passing out watery stools. Sometimes with blood on the paper towel as I wipe myself. There wasn’t much tummy pain but I do get tired easily. I wasn’t sure if I was lsoing weight but my GP was worried it could be bowel cancer. I told the doctor my parents and siblings don’t have it but somehow I felt guilty thinking that it could be my smoking habits that’s killing me. I was referred, met hospital doctors bla bla bla and here I am.

Right, this is going to get more uncomfortable. I’m really sorry but you’re doing very well, the doctor said.

Man, it hurts. I was told it was the air they push in that makes this whole thing unbearable. I wasn’t sure if they took some biopsies of me. Joe who lives a few blocks down my road said that he had biopsies taken. He had Ulcerative Colitis and samples were taken to check that he hasn’t got dysplasia (abnormal cells) anywhere in his bowel. Stuart, an older chap who have this cool stoma, had his colonoscopy done through that hole. Lucky chap!

I stared at the monitor ahead and saw my bowel. Euww.. are those yellow cheesy things my pieces of S***? Gosh.. there’s a few big ones. God.. I can’t look at this anymore. (shut my eyes) Serves me right for cheating on the low residue diet.

You alright there, sir? OK.. we’re nearly finish now…

I couldn’t concentrate anymore on what the doctor’s got to say. I see distorted looking people. N.

*This is me putting myself in the shoes of a 58 year old male patient.



1. Puteri Nad =( - August 28, 2007

hahah sib bek baca sampai ending
sebab baru nak soal
u feel a lil bit rousable? erm…

2. Minci - August 28, 2007

half arousable as in ‘separuh jaga’ sebab kena ubat pelali.. bukan sexually lah.. haha

3. filawen - September 1, 2007

I see distorted looking people…haha

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