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:: MindMap August 29, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

I did an experiment with the FreeMind software to create the above Rheumatology MindMap. The software is available for free.

It hasn’t occured to me to use MindMaps for medical studies until recently, when I saw a book in the Trust library that has a copy of diseases/conditions illustrated in MindMaps. But ya lah.. cannot conteng. Typing ‘mindmaps for medical students’ into the Google searchbox, I came across quite a few softwares. I have no idea as to which one is superior to the other. Perhaps other people could shed a light onto it?

1. RecallPlus

2. ConceptDraw Medical

3. NovaMind

4. MindGenius

5. IHMC CMap Tools

I was actually looking for ready-made MindMaps. Moohooohooo ~Disadvantages? You’d have to invest some time to be techie savvy plus creative to make the mindmaps colourful and interesting. For the IT challenged, it is quicker to do it by hand. Furthermore, you still have to construct your own MindMap and if you’re a lousy person at summarizing your points in the first place, it is still not going to work. Ha ha
Another common disadvantage that all these softwares have is that if your computer breaksdown, you’re damned!

PS: Do you know anybody who eats betel peper leaf + areca palmnut + calcium carbonate? Or has any nenek forced you to give them a go. Well, katakan ‘Tak Nak’. The habit of eating sirih increases the risk of getting kidney stones. Kidney stones are painful.



1. Puteri Nad =( - August 29, 2007

hehe tatau mana satu best.. lambang membuat peta minda secara hantam kromo..dan menulis tangan..

sib bek x de sapa2 paksa makan sirih gik~~

2. Zy - August 29, 2007

kak yasmin..you have to watch this:

i think it’s so sweet. remind me of home, esp. my mom. anyway, selamat nyambut kemerdekaan ke-50! (say this in iban accent)

3. Minci - August 29, 2007

jgn makan.. nanti gigi merah.. hehe

WAhhh.. suka mek bah!! aju kita carik urang ada tatu rimo rah kaki.. kakya pande nk dayung bot penambang ya.. miahaha 😆

4. Puteri Nad =( - August 29, 2007

sik pande menjakuk iban

5. Argey - August 30, 2007

Have you seen the directory of 600 mindmaps at
http://www.topicscape.com/mindmaps/ ?

They are tagged by subject and when I hit the ‘medical’ tag, 18 come up.


6. Minci - August 30, 2007

sik pande juak.

geee.. thanks a lot! I’ve had a look at it and they’re very pretty.. 🙂

7. hafiz - August 30, 2007

wah, rajinnya buat mindmap using software…tak pernah lagi buat mindmap using software…hmm, it is a good idea but i think using hand is faster.

but if there is software that is user-friendly, perhaps i might be tempted to try one later 😀

8. Minci - August 30, 2007

i think with software, it’s just a bit neater ..especially when you want to give your mindmaps as handouts.. 😛

9. Joe - August 30, 2007

I’ve been using NovaMind, and find that very easy to use. I use their Mac version, but they have a Windows version too.

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