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:: Wink woot woot September 1, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Finals is all about putting together what you’ve learnt in the past into practice. It’s preparation around the clock as we try to be on top of everything and be on our toes for various things;

1. Current attachment
2. Weekly formal discussion
3. Weekly non-formal discussion
4. ‘Tagging’ with HO

There’s always new things to learn everyday. Study becomes fun even if what I’m seeing almost everyday is at a plain black film.

Can you see the winking owl?

(Credit pic: Uncleharvey.Com)

RadiÖlÓgical Signs (Sx);

Animal Sx :
Bull’s eye sx
Butterfly glioma
Eye of tiger sx
Scotty dog sx
Owl’s sx
Pleural mouse

Food-Related Sx
Bamboo sx
Coffee bean sx
Hamburger sx
Sandwich sx
Sugar coated spine

Profession Sx:
Boxer’s Fracture
Gamekeeper’s Thumb
Sergeant Stripes
Skier’s Thumb



1. hafiz - September 2, 2007

i only know scotty dog …yang lain tu not familiar 🙂

2. Minci - September 2, 2007

hmm.. samalah.. although lately mcm dah tau apa tuh owl’s sx, bamboo spine and boxer’s #

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