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:: The Dancing Squids split September 2, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Wasaii Studio.

Bilalah edisi baru nak keluar..

(Credits : Wasaii )


Sepetber 2, Yoo KayThe Dancing Squids trio has finally call it an end to live under the same roof. The separation was amicable with no bloodshed. Za, one of the big guns behind the establishment of Wasaii Studio described her move to her new residence as ‘heartbreaking, but necessary’.

Final year students have the option of taking up free accommodations provided by the tabib school. Za did just that and when Remajho asked Minci and Jet as to why they refused the offer, this was what they had to say.

Minci : Lazy to move

Jet     : Same as above (aha.. ikut suka aku jer bagi respon dikau)

Rumour has it that a new person will take Za’s place in the S Mansion.

Minci : Yes, Miyaki will be joining us in the mansion but The Dancing Squids will always be as it is. With Miyaki, maybe it’ll be The Squirming Squids.. I don’t know.. we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe there won’t be any squids. maybe it’s just The Plain Three..

Remajho wishes The Dancing Squids all the best for the future regardless whether they’re in the same ocean or died together as squid martyrs on the chopping board. Project Pop pesan, “Awas anjing galak!”




1. Puteri Nad =) - September 3, 2007

mengucapkan takziah secara rasmi atas the demise of dancing squids.
kepada anggota za yg dilaporkan berpindah demi preparation berkahwin [men hantam sendiri] all the best. to two LEFTOVER members,diharapkan tabah

2. enn0suke - September 3, 2007

walauwehh… mengapakah diletakkan label ‘LEFTOVER’ kepada mereka? hahaha…

3. D - September 3, 2007

I tagged you for a harmless meme..

4. Puteri Nad =( - September 3, 2007

gurau jek..

5. Minci - September 4, 2007

oh.. kami sgt tabah 😆

ahaha.. mcm makanan dlm aluminium foil pun ada

kak D,
hehe.. dah jawab 🙂

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