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:: X-periment? September 2, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Food and Drinks, Medical School.


Revising through my notes on the kidneys from Martini, when I came across this;

An asparagus diet gives a distinctive urine odour.

Hmm.. very curious to know what kind of smell. Should I experiment? Or maybe I could just sneak in a few asparagus sticks in Jet’s avocado smoothie. Ho ho.. 😈 Don’t students and experiments go so well together? After all, Paul Langerhans was a still a medical student himself  (Article:Students who shook the world) when he discovered the islets of the pancreas.



1. jet - September 2, 2007

yeh..belila asparagus..kamu x pena makan ke?[matila eksen..padehal makan bile dlm kapal terbang je..haha]

jom kite beli..

2. Minci - September 2, 2007

oh..saya pernah makan..cuma tk pernahlah plak nk hidu secara aktif air kencing bau camne kan.. 😆

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