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::Tag – 5 Things September 3, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.

 Tag comes from Kak D (PauseToReflect).  

5 Things In My Bag
– Purse
– Notebook
– Pen
– Oxford Clinical Handbook of Clinical Medicine
– Umbrella



5 Things In My Wallet
– Money
– BOOTS Advantage card
– Library Photocopy Card
– Picture
– Student card



5 Favourite things in my bedroom
– PC
– bed
– books
– snacks
my Mr M (ahaha).. my dollies ; Vardei, SOHO-Bu, Lambert, Moo-Gie and Kasmon



 5 things I like to do
– Have a cuppa
– Study (sgtlah ilmiah)
– Blogging/Stumbling
– Watch moving things (movies)
– Eat fastfood 



5 Things I am doing Now
– Juggling my student life; preparing for HO years.
– Building up my book collection – Paulo C, Tess G, dancing book, martial art book, flower book, penguin book, space book, history book.
– Saving money
– Thinking about Ramadhan Iftar menus
–  staring at my wall calendar; Dad’s birthday is next week!



1. kaSyah - September 4, 2007

1. why u kept umbrella? hujan ke kat sana?

2.n mowie xinclude ke?

3. Mr M??haha….still remember dat cute SOHO-buuuuu

4.Fastfood….makin gebu la ko nanti

5.are u doing martial art?

yeye..nak puasa dah ni

2. shutterspeaks - September 4, 2007

kucheng itu sangatlah kiut.

5 things I’m currently doing now is very current, you should include, typing this :-p

mengkalbat tuh apa ya Dr Minci?

3. Minci - September 4, 2007

1 – yelah..kena sediakan payung sebelum hujan
2 – mowie ltk atas tft sebab dia kecik
3 – oh mestilah.. haha
4 – oh.. kat sini tk mkn pun..
5 – no.. used to

yea.. kucing itu kasmon namanya. kalbat is like ‘gosip/cakap/khabarkan’ (I think)

4. D - September 4, 2007

Thanks for being a sport… I’m thinking, the picture in your wallet – is it of you or of Mr M? (if there is one.. yet!ahaks..)

5. Minci - September 5, 2007

kak D,
*whistle2.. pandang kanan dan kiri.. 😈

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