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:: True Intentions September 4, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

There was an article I read in Student BMJ today (The Infamous Interview Question) about The Interview for acceptance to medical school. Hmm. I had The Interview like over 4 years ago now but it felt like yesterday. Out of 4 applications through UCAS, I succeeded in getting 2 interviews and finally secured one place.

(Credit :Skadz.Com)

A lot of effort was geared and directed by the teachers into preparing the students for The Interview. We had MOCK interviews, presentations by fellow batchmates on current medical topics, a thick booklet compiling all sorts of ethical issues and also advisors coming in to tell us the DONT’s in writing up our personal statements. During one of these sessions , the advisor asked one student,

“Why do you want to become a doctor?”

The student answered,

“Because I want to win the Nobel Prize”

At this point I realized that people have all sorts of reasons in becoming a doctor – fascinated by science, part of their nature to be altruistic, forced by parents, don’t really know of any other ambitions, job security, good money, to pay for sins, stepping up the society ladder, to be the best kind of human being, love the challenge, family trait,  etc. Even so, that was the first time I heard of someone wanting to go into medicine because the student wanted to win The Nobel Prize. I was in awe. I was like ‘wow’ until the advisor said calmly (with a gentle smile),

*sentence reconstructed*
Those people you see getting the Nobel Prize? They didn’t do what they do.. with ideas of being given a prize or held up high in the society in mind. They did not start off discovering DNAs and such so as to be famous. Perhaps it was driven by their love for science, passion in curing the ill.. who knows. But it is us, well, the Nobel Foundation that feels they deserve such praise and remembrance  for their wonderful contribution to the human race. These are hard working individuals, whose work are worth made known to the world. That is why they are AWARDED the Nobel Prize.

Something to think about?



1. adiratna - September 5, 2007

Cruel Intention sometimes..
By the way, U’ve been tag by me ye. Jgn Lupa.


2. adiratna - September 5, 2007

Memandangkan memang dah buat, kira skip aje

3. enn0suke - September 5, 2007

speaking of the nobel prize… how very ironic it is that the man who invented a destructive thing (the dynamite) was also the man who established (through his will) the prize to inspire other people for peace and contributing for a better world.

4. Minci - September 5, 2007

baeklahh.. 😛

bak kata Sirius Black, ‘We have all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the power we choose to act on. That’s who we really are’ ahahaasukati aku jer letak 😆

5. Kirana - September 5, 2007

menjawab soalan mu.
Saya suka lipstik warna rose
Compact powder pakai Za New York yang buat dkt Taiwan… Muaaahhaa

6. 13may - September 5, 2007

hmmm….apsal aku tak penah pikir nak dapat Nobel prize hah???


7. hafiz - September 5, 2007

haha…this reminds me of old days. Mock interview preparation for university and how the college allocated the countries to the students.

speaking of the reason on becoming a doctor, hmm…it is quite a tough question and i think when you have seen many patients [and see a dying patient] , you will eventually find the answer 😉

8. kaSyah - September 6, 2007

“Why do you want to become an engineer?”

The student answered,

“Because I want to win someone heart”

-fake story-

so minci, y do u want to become a doctor?

9. Minci - September 6, 2007

ooohh.. seems like so nice the colour..

oh..manalah aku tahu.. otak mung milik mung

true and over a span of 5/6/7/8/ years doing medicine/surgery.. a person would definitely go through a few changes.. Ideals shifted etc.. one is hardly the same person they were before at the start of med school..

fuwaaahhhh.. ada fake2 stor puler.. ko nk win heart saper kah? oh… i want 2 become a doc because….. 😛

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