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:: The 2 ‘chicken soup’ September 5, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

My favourite lesson in Form 5 was English. I guess I love it because with language, there’s a variety of things we can explore and know about. There was one time we had to stand in front of the class (5 mins or so) and talk about anything close to heart. There were 2 particular talks that still sticks in my mind. I think it’s because there was an element of shock in it. They were both stories of things you thought would never would happen to your friends, to people that you know.

(Credit: YouthNoise.Com)

One girl described her experience as an anorexic in her early teens. She described how she survived on sometimes just a few slices of bread a day. Now this is a friend I came to know of from primary school and yes, I do see that she’s changed physically. I mean, most 8 year old school kids are fat, including myself. So to see her being slim when I met her again in secondary school after 3 years apart was thought to be a normal adolescent transition. Little did I knew that anorexia nervosa was the culprit behind her slim figure. (btw, I was still fat in secondary school). Somehow, it came to a time when her mother (I think) realized that something was really wrong with her and out of concern, sought help. I believe she also did vigorous exercises and indulged in excessive physical activity to simply burn off the fat. I admire her courage and willingness to accept that what she’s done to herself was wrong. Furthermore, her open-ness of sharing this surprising tale with all of us.


The 2nd story was of my classmate being molested by her teenage uncle (then 17) when she was a little kid (can’t remember how old). Perhaps ‘molest’ is a word too strong to use, ‘being fondled inappropriately’ I guess is best to describe it. She obviously did not understand what was going on and thought that it was an act of normal love. She did mention this ‘act of love’ a few times to her parents and if I remember it correctly, her parents were a bit confused as to how to approach the matter since the ‘teenage uncle’ is a sibling of the mum. It must be a traumatic experience once you are old enough to understand it, for she was on the verge of breaking down while telling us this very personal story. We did asked ‘how things are now’ and she just said its weird because they never discussed this openly, never confronted the uncle directly at the time.. and having to see this uncle again once in a while during raya or watsoever is just strange. The Uncle must be like older now, right? We of course did not know what to think – teenage lust or on the road to become a paedophile?

Whatever their past, they seemed to have learnt to cope with it and not let these experiences disrupt their present life. I’m sure these 2 ladies have become stronger than they were before and are very successful.

*I don’t remember what my 5 min story was. Must not be that close to heart for me to have forgotten it.



1. jet - September 5, 2007

why..i read ur blog bile aku tenang dan aman..sekian..[nak mendiamkan diri kejap]

2. Puteri Nad =( - September 5, 2007

wah…siannye kes kedua

3. shutterspeaks - September 6, 2007

wow, confess in public. she must be very strong to have such courage. for most people, it will remain as their secret…

4. adiratna - September 6, 2007

Their confession doesnot interest me that much. What’s yours? 🙂

5. arsaili - September 6, 2007

tengok pinggan tu teringat terbaca kat NST..pleasure of three -the presentation of a dish in three ways, tripling the senses of sight, smell and taste in one order..tu pleasure of two kot..ehehe

6. kaSyah - September 6, 2007

tough n independent girls…..hope both of them will find the one. who will protect and love them sincerity.

minci still fat while in secondary skewl…sniff..sniff…. 😛

7. Minci - September 6, 2007

Uh? konfiyus..

yes.. her unfortunate life deeply felt..

true..maybe they needed an outlet to share how they feel..it helps them to work things out.

haiyo.. ini bukanlah sesi mengkonfes bende.. apapun, aku tk ingat pun aku cakap apa..

*tryin to guess which two.. 😆

yea..fatty bom bom.. ha ha ha..

8. shutterspeaks - September 6, 2007

ya ya…. do you have anything to confess now? we are good listeners you know, at least i am ;;)

9. jet - September 6, 2007

oh.sbenanye aku taip tuh: i’ll read ur isen when im tenang.,.skang dah tenang dan da bace..woah..siyesly, sgt courage menceritakan itu [seken story] dalam kelas english..

well, aku pun ade gak cite life aku..tp dlm karangan je la kan..cikgu je pun yg tau…cik safiah..really like her..

10. Just A Lady~ - November 30, 2007

how i wish i can survive with that 5 peas and corns only but i cant. food are just too irresistable!
and the case itu sgt kasihan. too bad when those girls in that particular state susah nak share the story form the first place. thats when friends do come in handy when family are the last members you can count on to.. i hope she is doing well now..

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