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:: A Moment of Silence September 7, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Eventhough I hardly know half the bloggers of which I bloghop too. Eventhough I have never met these people, their absence are deeply felt. Especially when you know that they’re gone for like… forever. Back to The Creator.

No more new blog post and the last that you’d ever see on that page is their last thoughts.

I wonder if these blogs that remain behind, will still be there in many years to come, to be visited and its memories reminisced by its loyal visitors.

**I know it’s been a while but Al-Fatihah to blogger Nur Asha Dina. She passed away on the 27th of August at 11.45pm. She was suffering from brain cancer.



1. jet - September 7, 2007

al-Fatihah..smuge roh beliau dicucuri rahmat..amiinn..such a strong character, to blog dalam keadaan tak berapa sihat..

p/s:aku tanak gi sekola leh kamen?aku tgh tdo dalam bilik aku..ok?bile kamu pulang nanti, mungkin masih tdo lagi..krn berasa nak merebel, sangat-sangat..

2. Kirana - September 7, 2007

Bila saya pergi ke blog tu, ada satu perasaan sayu…
Betul Minci, walaupun kita tak kenal mereka…

3. Danial - September 7, 2007

i cant explain it, but ore mo..

4. arsaili - September 7, 2007

Yea..did u read blog arwah zul….if not please read each of the entries from A-Z…so sad….http://www.zulrushdi.net/

5. Nur Amirah Shaharom - September 7, 2007

isk2… saya takleh baca lah semua ni! emotionally disturbed.

6. kaSyah - September 8, 2007

al-fatihah to arwah Nur Asha Dina.

sayu aku gi blog arwah.

7. hafiz - September 8, 2007

al-fatihah juga

i wonder if there is any blog service that can somehow post our prepared will when the blogger passed away…perhaps, the post can be published when we have not updated our blog for some time….

8. Minci - September 8, 2007

yup.. takziah buat keluarga juga..

9. shutterspeaks - September 8, 2007

blog nor asha dina tuh, sungguh sayu sekali rasa. dengan tema blog dia, lonely, mmg terasa sungguh sepi bila kesitu. moga roh mereka disamping orang2 yg beriman. alfatihah.

10. adiratna - September 10, 2007

Semoga dia ditempatkan bersama orang yang sabar dan saleh. Insya Allah

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