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:: Prisoner’s scan September 12, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

Every so often we get patients from prisons coming for a scan. The patient would be accompanied by 3 prison guards (PG) and so far, from my observation.. were big burly, fit men. Not too old, not too young. Just enough experience and stamina to chase The Fugitive should the situation arise.
The patient would be handcuffed to PG A, whilst PG B and PG C register the patients detail at the front  desk. Later, PG B and PG C will be brought to the scanning room by the radiographer in charge, so as they could locate and secure possible exits – back door, half-opened windows etc.

After ensuring that everything is safe, all of them will wait in a designated room. Away from the public, probably to reduce unnecessary anxiety. Once the patients turn is up, he will then be escorted to the changing room – to be clothed in a suitable garment for scanning. The patient would have to dress with the doors open, so that the PG’s could see what he is up to.

One of the PG’s would then accompany the patient in the scanning room himself – for as long as it takes. It is vital to checklist these PG’s for certain things like if they’re wearing pacemakers (if they’re escorting into an MRI scan) to prevent occupational hazard.

So far , there haven’t been any misbehaving patients in my hospital. Which is good because on all these occasions that I’ve witnessed, I’m just sat a few steps away and I don’t think I’d like to have an unexpected blade-under-skin sort of thing near my carotid artery. Scoffield included! 😛



1. Puteri Nad =( - September 12, 2007

ooo me pon selalu tengok prisoner gitu gak..but they will be leg-cuffed to the bed first ..n the hand plak either di gari ke katil atau kepada polis

2. Minci - September 12, 2007

sgtlah menjagakan? but then kan.. prison guard in real life tkderlah seteruk yg kita tgk mcm dlm movie tuh.. diorg baik jer dgn prisoner.. rasanyer citer Green Mile capture sifat guard better kot..

3. daju - September 12, 2007

uiskk..best nye experience masing2..hehehh..
bley jd mcm sara tancredi..
ouhh..tp ni prisoner dtg hospital kan..
bkan u guys pg sane kan..
if MRI, if byk tattoo pn saket kan..

4. Minci - September 12, 2007

a ah.. ni diorg dtg hospital lah.. ada jugak attachment gi prison tapi mcm tk naklah pilih tuh.. yup..that’s true.. sebab ada stgh tatu ada minute trace of metal stuff to it..

5. adiratna - September 13, 2007

1. Wah… Sejak bila jadi my hospital ni? Banyaknya duit…
2. Yang aku ingat masa aku buat MRI dulu, aku buleh terlelap dan terlena ntah ntah berdengkur disebabkan mechanical sound MRI tu. Segan lak kak awek MRI tu. Hahaha… but it is the best way to be STILL kan?

6. Nur Amirah Shaharom - September 13, 2007

what a wonderful experience lah minci. guard yg baek2? hurm… my dad slalu jgak temankan org salah gi wat medical checkup. biasanya bila orang salah tu nak kena masuk penjara pusat (bukan lokap), so kena wat full medical checkup. ayah saya mmg frenly je orgnye. hehe..
tapi ade satu kes bawak mat rempit gi hospital lepas cedera parah naek eksiden moto sblum kena tangkap dan ditahan bawak dadah, doc pulak yg memilih nak jadi kejam. jahit mentah2 je..
ayah saya ckp “kesian plak tengok..”

7. Nur Amirah Shaharom - September 13, 2007

Oh ye, pasal tattoo.. some of tattoo has sort of metal in its ingredients. sbb tu la ade problem ngan MRI.

8. shutterspeaks - September 13, 2007

ko tanak bersembang ke dgn mereka… selalunya dorang ni penuh dgn cerita2 menarik… macam scoffield..

9. enn0suke - September 13, 2007

ya, scoffield… “just forget to lock up the door when you leave…” wah, can’t wait for season 3!

10. JustAnOrdinary - September 13, 2007

now i wanna be a doct too..
minci miss u so much xxx

11. Minci - September 13, 2007

ahaha..pastinya ko akn digosipkan oleh awek2 MR tuh over cups and cups of coffee.. ” hari nih kan.. ada ke sorang patient tuh boleh tido bla bla bla”.. ha ha..padan!!

you r so right.. some tatoo’s do have a bit of metal in it. I would think that was an inappropriate conduct of the doc to do that..

ikut hati nk jugak kan.. tapi kang guard2 tuh halau aku plak.. :p

I really liked the part when he gave Sarah the paper rose. yg tinggal atas meja tuh

WanZue my fwen!!!
eee..lama tk dgr citer ko.. ha ha.. wahaha. siap jadi penyimpan mohor besar queen of England tuh, mengumumkan puasa jatuh hari apa.. anyway.. miss u too.. miss u lot actually.. slmt puasa yeh.. may u achieve wat u aim to do for this ramadhan.. 😉

12. K.Shila - September 15, 2007

syok nye dengar this kind of experience (thanks to Scoffield lah nih!).
By the way, tengah frust nih…a friend told me Wentworth is gay. Gosh! Guess all good men are gays!

13. tempe1543 - December 3, 2007

waaa bagus btol diorg jaga prisoner kat sana… kat sini mcm nak tak nak jer jaga, esp bdk2 serenti..

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