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:: Relevance? September 12, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

Another entry for the Dream Diary.

I was hooked into some sort of commitment resulting in myself not being able to bring my books and stuff up to the classroom. So, one of my friends helped to sort that out, including  reserving me a seat. Right after morning assembly, we marched to the class but the door was locked.

My classroom was like one of those in The Queen’s Classroom series. It had a big see through window and two doors. In my dream, it was a co-ed school but somehow all of my classmates were girls. Oh well, not quite. We had only one guy in class. The Key Keeper (A**R*) made her way to the front of the bunch and unlocked the door. I quickly looked for my seat and ta-da.. it was directly in front of the teacher’s desk. Kurang assam nyer kawan (B**A* *E*U). I turned to see who were the ones around me and something striked me. All of my good friends were nearby. Oh yea.. the coolest group in school were huddled closely together.

“Hey, this is the same seating arrangement we had before!”I said. They smiled knowingly. Hoho..we are so going to get into mischief this year.

One of them responded by saying, “aAh.. eyy.. you know what.. I didn’t manage to see J**N*Y Y*Z during the hols”

“Me either” said another one.

I turned back to my table and began to rearrange my books and things. Each student in the class gets 2 tables – one main, another side one. Plus 2 mini bookshelves. I saw mine had my storybooks all lined up already and I thought I saw a Body Double book lying just behind the other books. I got out my London souvenirs ( a tiny Double Decker sharpener, a Tower Bridge snowglobe, a replica policeman hat etc) and placed the pieces here and there at the shelves to brighten them up. (what the?)

I know something happened in between but I can’t remember anything.

Towards the end of the dream, I was supposed to check on some kidney biopsies when I bumped into one of the radiographers I’ve met in real life. We were running down the stairs together. I was on the phone receiving instructions from I-Don’t-Know-Who when she suddenly stopped in her tracks, looked up to me and said,

“That’s why you need more glomeruli!”

I was bewildered at this sudden exclamation. Thus I replied, “Well, how many glomeruli? How much is sufficient?”

She didn’t answer and just ran back down the stairs. I followed and as we both reached the main lobby of this school/lab/hospital.. an alarm went off. The guards were saying that an important result just came out. The radiographer punched some sort of code to disable the entrance turnstil, ushered me to go through it as quickly as I can and find out the results.

The results came outside of the building and I went to where all the crowd was. They were peering and towering aver each other to look into what I perceived as an ATM machine. On the screen was some sort of information about lung metastases.Beside me there was a young father with his little daughter, probably about 4 or 5 years old. He said,

“Now, I am going to teach you the mnemonic of the type of cancer that could spread to the lungs. First, the cancers are breast (he cupped his own gynaecomastia– ayo..)..”

My alarm went off. My dream ended there.

I don’t know about the classroom part but I do know that I’m still searching answers for ‘how many glomeruli for an adequate biopsy’ and trying to remember the cancers that can lead to pulmonary metastases. They are breast, thyroid, kidney, lung, colon and prostate. These mets show up as multiple round shadows on the chest x-ray.



1. Puteri Nad =( - September 12, 2007

are u sure kakmin u r not on med? hihi

2. D - September 12, 2007

Gosh… you DO dream a lot, eh???

3. Minci - September 12, 2007

like what? SSRI? ha ha.. Jet found my stash of ‘drugs’.. 😈

seems like it.. day and night 😉

4. adiratna - September 13, 2007

errkkk… u have any dvd or cds of your dream? a well structured and memorized dream though.. weird.. ke daydreaming ni…

5. Nur Amirah Shaharom - September 13, 2007

uishhh.. I wonder how people can remember details of their dream… I wish i could!

6. Puteri Nad =( - September 13, 2007

whoaaa then wat appen did she take them?

7. shutterspeaks - September 13, 2007

kenapakah gambar perempuan itu di stretch sebegitu sekali hehehehe…. one stupid question, utk lelaki, dipanggil breast gak ker?

x relevan: ada orang masuk ke web aku dengan katakunci carian: gambar minci hehehe… glemerr ko

8. Minci - September 13, 2007

unfortunately not.. unless you can convert the input in my brain into some sort of minority rpeort nyer bende.. ha ha

the secret is to just lie still after you dream.. and make an active effort to remember it.. for sure bley jugak..

no..she just check the bottles and dose.. 😛

sbb nk kasik namapak tulisan dia.. kalo gambar asal.. its like so big.. ermm..itulah yg diapnggil sbg ‘gynaecomastia’ a.k. a. men’s breast.. sll ada dlm org byk minum atau gedempol.. ahaha.. sapalah yg carik gambar aku tuh.. kang aku snap jugak satu yg label ‘Gambar Minci’.. huahauhua

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