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:: First Day Syndrome September 13, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

… that is what Nad said I have, as I related to her of how I felt during my first day fasting in Ramadhan. I thought it wouldn’t be that hard as I’ve just ‘qada’ my fasting a few days back. I was wrong. So wrong was I that by 4pm I was sweating yet cold, my fingers were tingling, my head spinning and I was practically dragging my feet back home. I still had time to buy a bag of custard doughnuts and a can of Sugar-Free Diet Coke before that though. 😈 (For Iftar lar..)

“If a man has nothing to eat, fasting is the most intelligent thing he can do”
 –Hermann Hesse

Iftar was at 1931 hr and because I was dramatically out of energy (acting expressing it by meng’longlai’ [dalam Sarawaknya ‘tergelir’.. bukan pelir yer.. miahaha] at the staircase with Jet and Miyaki in my telekung… ), Jet was kind enough to prepare the dishes for today. She doesn’t suffer the First Day Syndrome for she’s mentally strong. Ha ha. I even had the cheek to request for Nasi Ayam for Iftar – which she did! Huahuahua.. thank you.. may Allah bless her.

Snippets from YM Conversation;

Nad: cam kanak2 tau
Nad: ada men letih2

hihi.. I know 😛 I shall make an effort to sahur or at least eat the night before.



1. Nur Amirah Shaharom - September 13, 2007

Minci.. what happened? kenapa sampai sebegitu teruk sekali? xpa, nama pun 1st day syndrome. 1st day je la. esok would be better.. =)
Ooo.. xsaho ye? sahur itukan berkat. Maka bersahurlah.

2. mixterr - September 14, 2007

alahai sampai mcm tu ke. siannye die, lain kali sahur ye… walau gigit sebiji kurma…

3. cakapaje - September 14, 2007

I baca sampai naik kesian ngan you…takpa, dugaan ye.

Here’s a tip you might want to use:

1. Sahur, jangan tak sahur. Tapi jangan makan banyak.
2. Kalau boleh, makan tamar 3 biji sebelum imsak.

Ok, 2 tips.

4. Puteri Nad =( - September 14, 2007

ha dengar tu~

5. daju - September 14, 2007

uisk..nasi ayam..
ayam kt umah dh abes..
end up makan laksa aje..
yeah..sahur helps…

6. Minci - September 14, 2007

wahahaha.. tips anda semua telah diikuti.. I had crunchy nut + banana + cocorice.. hehehe
byklah plak kan.. 😛

7. kaSyah - September 15, 2007

alalalala…ni tiap2 tahun kena sindrom ni ke cik minci..hohoho

xpe, sib baik ada cik jet yg baik hati tulun di sana…sian die ter’gelir’ sorang2.. 😛


8. jet - September 15, 2007

hahahhah..mentally strong korokmu..heheh..nevermind..nnt aku dpt syndrome 3rd day ke, 4th day ke, ko lak leh cover aku msk..haha..

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