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:: Guru September 15, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Movie/TV Reviews.

Song : Tere Bina ( GURU OST)


A young man married another woman for her dowry. The money was to help set his business up. At the same time, he thought he actually ‘feels’ for the woman as well. One day (at the train station),as he was ready to embark on his business trip, after saying his goodbyes to his family and so.. his newly-wed wife appeared shyly from behind the crowd. Their eyes caught each other. Husband did not know what to say. Although they were married, the connection was still new and truly needs further grooming.

They just stood there looking at each other. Lost of words to say although it was evident that the wife was close to tears. Softly, the wife spoke.

Wife : Don’t go
Hubby: (fumbled to respond)
Wife : What if I die here alone?
Hubby: But I asked you and you said you didn’t want to come…
Wife : You should have asked again.. 😦

By this time, the train was starting to move..

Hubby: You haven’t got a luggage with you..
Wife : (Manja-cry-cry-face) What…? You cannot buy me 4 sarees…?

Train picking up speed.

Hubby: But I don’t have an extra ticket..
Wife : Do I need a ticket if I’m sitting on your lap?

Husband smiles, (the aaaaaaaaaa-godly soundtrack in the air) held out his hand and beckon’s to Wife.

Hubby: Come on then..

Wife hurriedly gathers everyone’s blessings before running to catch the train hand in hand with Husband. Ah bliss…
Excerpts from Guru.

Moral of the story?



1. cakapaje - September 15, 2007

Now, now. I am certainly no hindi or tamil fan, though I do admit loving Dil Se to bits, and along with it, off course, the hauntingly beautiful Manisha Koralai. I believe I should add the word ‘then’ for the later, but I still love Dil Se.

Anyway, you wrote could be from a typical hindi film, no doubt. But
“Hubby: But I don’t have an extra ticket..
Wife : Do I need a ticket if I’m sitting on your lap?

Wow! That’s ori…real original!

ps. Sayang kat KTM tak leh buat camtu 🙂 Amtrack leh ke?

2. Puteri Nad =( - September 15, 2007

kena tengokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
manisha koirala ok! hihi

3. Zy - September 15, 2007

waaaaa, minat hindi ropa2nya…should watch dhoom 2..hitrik roshan is really HOT in the movie! (scream hysterically) tambah gik ada aishwarya rai (do i spell it right?)

4. Restless - September 15, 2007

Lesson to be learnt – Just because we don’t say it, it doesn’t mean we don’t want it.

Ask again and again and again, when it comes to women – we like to be asked. It is so natural.

5. cakapaje - September 15, 2007

Very acute comment by Restless. As the mind – my mind – race to the topic at hand, the question or the bigger picture was left out. Thank you Restless. That, has always been the folly of man.

6. enn0suke - September 16, 2007

wah wah wah… lepas tu sure mesti ada part nyanyi2 kat ladang getah atau tepi bukit kan? golek2 sikit pastu dah tukar baju…
erm, moral of the story is… if u wanna go for a business trip and u don’t wanna take your newly wed wife, try buying an airplane ticket instead of a train. nak kejar?

7. daju - September 16, 2007

ala sweetnyeee…
moral?? hmm..appreciate la ppl yg syg kt kite..kott..
make sense ker???

8. jet - September 16, 2007

hoho..siyes ke nak dok atas riba ni..mau kena tampa kang kamen..[otak memikirkan spoof utk muvi dikau neh..]

hubby: awk nak ikot ke?tapi sy tade tiket extra la, yang..
istri: mm..nak kena ade tiket extra ke kalu sy dok atas riba abang..
hubby: eish, awk igt awk budak kecik ke nak dok2 atas riba sy..nanti kne halau turun tren cmne?sy da la nak g keje ni..sekel awk kang..

ah..aku saikosis dah..abaikan..

9. Danial - September 16, 2007

lama tak tengok hidustan..

10. Minci - September 16, 2007

wahaha.. manisha koraila is like so zaman2 dahulu punyer..ha ha.. kalo nk tau blh ke tak..cubalah buat.. abislah kena stare…

citer dia tk berapa inspiring.. tak yah lah.. i mcm tk brp feel

hitrik the polydactyl man.. hah ha.. apakah..

SPOT ON! but then it’ll depend on the question.. repeated annoying questions is just a big No-No..

oh..tkderlah plak..setakat dok sengih2 masa dok sblh2 dlm tren.. ahaha..ada hati nk beli airplane tiket.. buatnya wifey kena upfrade to 1st class padan muka.. ha ha

of course it makes sense dear

ahaha.. suka btol spoof2 nih.. kita patut tgk movie lain plak.. ha ha..hopefully DVD yg dtg lepas nih ialah yg OK nyer

bagus jugak kalo tk sll tgk hindi.. citer dia sama je most of the time. ha ha..

11. adiratna - September 17, 2007

hahaha… yang itu tipikal… banyak lagi yang best dan betul betul ala hollywood. Contohnya macam cerita Black, kisah kegigihan wanita buta mencapai cita cita untuk grad.

12. kaSyah - September 17, 2007

sambungan dari jet.

hubby: awk nak ikot ke?tapi sy tade tiket extra la, yang..
istri: mm..nak kena ade tiket extra ke kalu sy dok atas riba abang..
hubby: hurmmm..bole tu bole…tp xlarat rasanya riba abg nak menahan berat ayng.oh ye…hari ni dah naik 2kilo kan?…

huhuuhu…kat KTM ni pun bole buat ape…nak try?

13. Minci - September 17, 2007

hindustan kah tuh? hmm.. nanti aku carik.

korang berdua mmg wajar buat spoof productions.

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