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:: Refreshing my ‘ilm’ September 18, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life, Medical School.

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I wonder if there’s a short course in Malaysia or better still in the UK that talks to muslim doctors about practising the virtues in Islam in the job. Most often, the talks given when associated with medical professionals are views on euthanasia, the use of stem cell, test tube babies, gelatin-based products etc. The big big things. While it is a good thing to explore and must know about, I’m more interested in the simple stuff like;

  • What your responsibilities are (as a muslim doc) when you have a muslim patient in the hospital. Remind them to pray, for instance. I remembered reading in Utusan that most patients do not pray once they’re in hospital and the figure is very much the same across all age groups – the young and the elderly. Most people think that the right thing to do is Qada’ although in reality, rukhsah is the way to go. Now, how do you correct that in an 80 year old lady,huh? susah kan.. I’m not saying that one should say, ‘Hah.. nih dah semayang ke blom? knp tk semayang lagi?” Perhaps like casually  offer the information that there is a place to pray or if they needed help to pray in bed (sat up/lying down), they may request the help of nursing staff. Put That Face on. That Face one would usually use when asking of a sexual history. That Face which portrays neither disappointment nor condescending aura/feelings/thoughts towards the patient. That Face = Neutral Professional Face.  Other practices like, redha and patience, mandi wajib selepas melahirkan anak .. those sorta thing. Having strong arguments to bust any bomoh’s myths, deathbed etiquette?

  • Perhaps one would consider to also highlight the needs of non-muslim patients. Like the need for a priest to be present during the near time of death. Or that occasional spiritual lift in times of deep turbulence.

  • Medications during fasting month – how would I deal with asthmatic, diabetic patients. What advice would I give to pregnant ladies.  

I can’t really think of any other issues at the moment . Some of you may say that this is basic and by right, every muslim should know. ‘Tak perlu kursus segala’. However, all of us should know better that even if we know something, we don’t always practice them. Some even go as far as to challenge His words.
If there is a course like this, all I’d need are like those little dalil’s one might use in facing the patient, the rationale (logic) if there’s one. Perhaps, bits of stories to help illustrate the point. Over time, the ilm would fade away unless we are triggered to remember them from time to time right?


1. jet - September 18, 2007

yeh..true..true..we need all that ilmu….aritu ade kan yang miyaki pegi tuh..enta apa nama dia..oh, yg kat manchester..kite sume tanak pegi..adeihai..

2. Zy - September 18, 2007

Annual IMAM Conference.. takpe, kalo tak gi last time, pergi lah 2007 punyer.. no hal.

It was really fun. All the cases were presented in PBL style. For example: A pregnant lady was recovered at Day 4 after Tsunami. She was found to be dehydrated and very anxious. Examination revealed a 37 week gravid uterus with a 40 seconds contraction every 20 minutes. There was evidence of leaking liquor and what appeared to be “show”. Foetal heart sound was heard and did not show significant deceleration with the contractions. She has refused to pray as she claims that she has already reached 1st stage of labour and is not required to pray. The question is, betul ke dia tak bleh sembahyang?

Dumbfounded I was, I had no clue at all about this. So did most of the members in my group.

I’m sure miyaki would know the answer. Anyway, my point is it’s never too late to learn.

ohhh..i’m reading The Apprentice at the moment. The lovely RPH librarian got it for me from Chorley Hospital Library. They are so nice lah.

3. kucau - September 18, 2007

minci, go to IIUM medical school, they do teach/discuss with their student about islamic practice in medicine.

4. adila - September 19, 2007

hai semua..
lama tak datang sini..saja nak info
saya dah bersalin. terawal hampir 3 minggu lebih.
datang la ke blog nak tengok baby baru saya.

5. wira - September 19, 2007

tahniah adila

6. cakapaje - September 19, 2007

Thank you Minci, a very good point to ponder.

7. Minci - September 19, 2007

oh yer ke? aku tk gi hari tuh sbb tajuk dia ibarat tk relevan. ha ha. mengancam tapi tk memikat.. huahuahua.. ikut sukati aku jer

eyyy..if you go u tell me ah.. fuwahh.. baiknyer librarian kita kan.. i like marion the most..she’s so nice

thx..tapi boleh ke main redah jer kelas diorg 😛

tahniah atas kelahiran sofea insyirah


u r most welcome

8. shutterspeaks - September 19, 2007


hang ni baik sangatla. aku ingat hang ni lawak jongos semata. terharu seh.


iium medic school dekat kuantan tau. bkn dkt gombak. gombak xde medic school.


selamat berbuka posa

9. tokasid - September 19, 2007

Salam minci:

UIA Kuliyah Perubatan in Kuantan ada buat approach ini.
IMAM juga used to organised tentang Rukshah: Beribadat di Hospital. kalau tak silap IMAM Pahang Chapter came out with a book about this.

10. hafiz - September 19, 2007

betul juga tu. i’m also lacking in this aspect of managing a patient.

11. jet - September 19, 2007

hahhaha..shutterspeaks..lawak bapak la dikau…cam saikosis lagaknye..

12. Minci - September 19, 2007

ya rabbi.. aku kena baca mcm 2 kali nk make sure AKU ke yg tulis ‘minci’ byk kali.. berkoma segala.. mmg lah saikosis.. eishhh.. ko kena tau.. walaupun aku dan ahli rumah aku ‘rawk’ [matilah perasan cool].. agama masih dijunjung setinggi yg mampu… hih 😛

uishh.. menakutkan btol nama dokto nih.. terima kasih atas pemberitahuan..semoga ikan sihat sejahtera..

bet most people are anyway.. 😉

dah nama bapak org kan.. mestilah lawak bapak.. miahaha 😈

13. Zy - September 19, 2007

marion was the one. hehe. and you know, she also like to read Tess’s books. bleh jadi geng… ada sigek gik buku Tess kat library..tittled call after midnight. i was tempted to borrow the book and she said it is not as good as the Rizzoli sequels. That’s why she kindly got The Apprentice from Chorley for me.

not sure where and when IMAM conference this year. most probably during easter holiday. will inform you once i know.

14. kaSyah - September 20, 2007

s bal kata2 shutterspeaks..aku pun terharu gak.

do what you think is right. 😀

15. tempe1543 - December 3, 2007

nkau discuss le sket2 ngan student2 aku kat uia ktn tu..

16. Valium - October 31, 2013

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