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:: Big eyes September 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.

Mata terkejut sentiasa

These eyes remind me of Along Kamaruddin (actor/director) and Shiki Larla (ntah sape2.. ikut sukati jer.. heh). The person in the photograph has such bulging eyes not because she’s seen a ghost. She suffers from ThyrØid Eye Disëase. Oh.. can I just mention that.. I’m not at all saying that Along has an eye condition, ok?

Rarely do people with thyroid problems (excess thyroid hormone secretion) get to this really. Probably only about 1-2%. Even if they do, they hardly need any surgical intervention to it.

The main concern about having bulging eyes apart from cosmetic reasons (scary, suprised all the time look) is the fact that it could damage the nerve of the eye. In a particular case I came across, this lady couldn’t even close her eyelids during her sleep because of the size of her eye. Now isn’t that something we usually take for granted for? The ability to shut our eyes and blink properly. Therefore, on top of the damage to the eye nerves (thus her deteriorating vision), there is a worry of abrasions to her white eye and stuff.

Since there was proper indication for her eyes to be corrected, she underwent a particular surgery to decompress her eyes. The main idea is to get the eyeball back into its socket and to do this, she’d have to get part of the bone near the sides of her nose to be shaved off. This would allow some space (more of a hole) for the eyeball to sit in. This bone is taken out through the nose. Therefore, this operation requires the specialty of 2 different surgeons – Eye Man and Ears, Nose, Throat fella. Once that part is over, the surgeon would meddle with other bits of the socket and truly, this procedure can last up to 3 hours. Ngaaaa..

As in any operation, it comes with its own benefits and risks. If you watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S – there was an episode where Chandler could see his date’s brain through the nose*. So you see, apart from risks like bleeding and infection, the instruments can go a bit off its track and poke the base of your brain. Still, this shouldn’t be a problem if the surgeon is very experienced.

*never stick a crayon in your nose. 😛 and you don’t actually see the brain as in brain. you’d still have to pass the base of the skull.



1. cakapaje - September 19, 2007

Ok. Apart from not sticking a crayon in, the same should also apply with fingers kut! (As a Sarawakian would say: Ngaaa) 🙂

2. Minci - September 21, 2007

Ngaaa.. matilah clogging of nostrils nanti..

3. D - September 22, 2007

aaaahhh.. wait till you see my eyes!

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