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:: What happened on 21st b’day September 23, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Song : Cinta Tiada Akhirnya
Artist : Jaclyn Victor

Like Faizal Tahir’s ‘Kasih Tercipta’, I too feel that this song has like an anime element to it. Ntahlah.. God knows why.. if I shut my eyes and listen to this song intently, the first image that crops up in my head is of Chihiro standing in the middle of the green field with the wind blowing in her hair. Petals of flowers and little leaves swirling gently around her. Then of her flying through the dark sky on Haku (in dragon form). So peaceful. Ngaa.. I want dragon oso. *sheepish grin*

Anyway, all of a sudden I was triggered to find out what actually happened on my 21st birthday. I had no recollection whatsoever of it being a memorable one at all. I mean, it is like a milestone birthday, right?

I rummaged through the boxes under my bed  to recover my favourite diary. Simply because it’s got the prettiest and most abundant things pasted in it – photos, leaflets, wrappers etc.

And there it was. The answer that I needed;

Oh well.. no birthday wish this year since I’m staying over at people who don’t know me. I just went out for a movie – ‘King Arthur’.

Matilah sedey jer bunyi kan? Haha.. my 21st birthday was in the summer at the end of 1st year. I didn’t go back to Malaysia because I was not homesick decided to stay back and earn some money. hah..rasakan celebrate sorang2. 😈 

How was your 21st birthday? :mrgreen:



1. adiratna - September 23, 2007

1. Apo la… lagu tu kalau tak salah ost untuk filem Kayangan. Entah! Taktengok pun.
2. When I turned 21, I was 1 year older. Lain tak ingat. Biasanya, birthday aku sambut dengan membelanja kengkawan makan beramai ramai dengan harapan semoga rezeki lebih murah dan dipanjangkan hayat yang indah.
3. Oklah, Happy Belated 21st Birthday!

2. Puteri Nad =( - September 23, 2007

in my jotting book,i wrote i hate my frens for forgetting my birthday but there’s a postscript- eh derang x lupe..yeehaaaa..it was fun.. i

but i don remember apakah yg funnye..i think the besday party.lol

3. yanti - September 23, 2007

when i checked my blog, i never really wrote anything for my birthday, but i do wrote on the day before. but since my bday is in the spring break, so slalunye akan buat process berjalan2 time bday, away from sydney. luckily, my bday is coming this saturday 🙂 yeah!

4. Minci - September 23, 2007

hehe.. start suka lagu nih bila tgk citer emil emilda. 🙂

somehow I think I remember that moment.. 😉

my my lucky you.. may u have a grand celeb this saturday

5. jet - September 23, 2007

oh..shoot..21st..masa tuh tahun apa ha??konpius*

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