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:: Ask Questions September 24, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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If you feel that you’re going to be upset with anybody, don’t yell at them. Instead, ask questions. For example, rather than screaming out ‘I think what you’re doing is wrong, you’re stupid etc’ try asking, ‘Why have you done it this way? Why not this?’. Other than making the other person think about it, it also gives you the upper hand of being perceived as a very cool and calm person in the midst of a mess.

The ‘asking questions’ skill is said to can work on everybody. You can use it on almost everyone. Patients included.

No more,
“makcik, how many times do I have to tell you to take your medications?!!”

“makcik, malas sangat ker makan ubat?”
“makcik, kenapa tak makan ubat?” I’m pretty sure that the least the makcik would do is tersipu-sipu or better still tell the reason why – suffering from side effects maybe?

In short, there is more to ‘asking questions’ than for just getting an answer to something you do not know. Subtly, you do it to;

  1. Correct other people’s mistakes

  2. Give time to yourself in collecting your thoughts

  3. Make people think – rhetoric

  4. Evaluate/recheck understanding – eg; consultants ask students lots of questions

So, what do you think? Any good communication skills to share?



1. cakapaje - September 24, 2007

Body language plays a big factor in almost anything we do. In nursing line, for instance, it would not do for an orderly to come stomping and then with a stern face say “makcik sayang, your ubat”. The nicer he tries to say it, the more frightened the makcik will be; body and verbal communication just does not jive there.

Just my 2 cents.

2. enn0suke - September 25, 2007

nice… but what about if u get a “counter-question” question like, for instance :

“makcik, apsal tak makan ubat?”
“kenapa kau nak sibuk-sibuk aku makan ubat ker tak?”


3. bangkai - September 25, 2007

Absolutely true! Salesmen (the proficient ones, at least) do it all the time; not necessarily to elicit an answer to those questions per se, but to get you to commit to the sale. Never noticed that? They are good, aren’t they?

4. shutterspeaks - September 25, 2007

oh… thanks for the tips… i’ve so many questions to ask someone right now… should get into anger management class now 😦

5. kaSyah - September 25, 2007

bagus la ko ni.pandai amik hati patient yg tua2. kalo muda lagi la….haha

kalo aku jadi doktor…

“eh, ni nak panggil kakak ke makcik ni. nampak muda la. kalo makcik makan ubat ni konpom sy panggil kakak terus.”

pastu boleh juga disambungkann….

“pssss….anak gadis makcik dah kawen lom?”

6. coops - September 25, 2007

but minci, sometimes even a simple question can lead to an aswer yg lg la menyakitkan hati..i think it depends on mood org jugak kan?

7. Nur Amirah Shaharom - September 25, 2007

e’em.. dalam situasi yg ideal, mungkin konsep komunikasi yang cuba diketengahkan oleh Minci ini boleh diguna pakai.. Tapi kalau dapat patient yg degil dan kepala angin, lain pulak kaedah yang perlu…
tapi kalo org tu marah, jangan pulak kita marah lg. kita kene lebih tenang nak hadapi org yg marah.

8. JustAnOrdinary - September 25, 2007

certain ways r suit wif certain conditions. if we keep on asking da same question ever n ever again, dat ‘makcik’ will smell da tactics and plan to get rid of it.lol (maybe)

9. jet - September 25, 2007

oh..sy berasa org yang pandai berkomunikasi dan amek ati pesakit adalah sangat direspek..pandai comfort..i can never do that..apa yg aku selalu buat adalah lihat dan cuba rasakan kesakitan dia..tapi, that’s not enuff is it..sbb org tatau apa dalam hati kite..mm..pasal tu la aku kena keje dgn bende bukan dgn org..

10. Minci - September 25, 2007

benar..tidak seiring sejalan gayanya di situ

maka kita counter lagi.. ha ha

seriously? never noticed that.. bagus giller.. pas nih nk try tgk salesman keje..hoho

oh jgnlah marah2.. nanti anakmu nannes tgk ayah dia marah2 sajor

oh biasalah I.. menantu material.. kah kah kah.. yo yo jer..

yes dear.. sometimes I too do not ask a question for fear of its answers

benar. org kata jgnlah disimbah minyak ke dlm api.. eish.. betul ker nih :mrgreen:

Wan zue,
very dengki lah kan der makcik lyke det..

maka sgtlah sesuai bercita-citakan ahli pathologi..

11. Lucretcia IV - September 26, 2007

Kenapa awak buat artikel ni?

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