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:: Minci’s Scrolls October 3, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Medicine, like every other course or areas of study can be disheartening and terribly stressful. Up to a point of not only rebelling against taking care of personal health [read: enggan mandi & makan] but also thinking of being  depressed and commit suicide calling it quits. And yo! I’m not talking solely about the monstrous amount of academic work as a med student but also the other life that comes with it – as a daughter, as a Malaysian & Muslim scholar bla bla bla… The constant battle with expectations. Sometimes, absurd!

[menggelupur jap….  okeh..sambung]

Motivation keeps us going. Well.. keeps me going. I’d have to do “self-saikosis” by sticking bits of things (quotes) on the wall and in my books/notes from time to time. Or simply flicking through my little blue book of quotes. I’d occasionally hunt for self-help and inspiring talks from the internet, wallpaper for my PC etc. Just enough to spark that light to get myself going for that particular moment cause I know that before long, I’d have relapsed to the pre-motivational stage. Biasalah kan.. mood ala2 endometrium. Sekejap tinggi, sekejap rendah. Oloh.. jantina pun yg memang ada endometrium. Ker ada yang masih ingat Minci nih lelaki? I’m a girl for goodness sake.

Recently, I’ve pasted on my wall the words from The Secret Scrolls. Perceived depression must be fought and chucked to the side for I aim to graduate by 2008. A wedding is waiting. Not mine lar. Calon2 gewe juga. Huahuahua.
Some of my favourite pearls of wisdom has been things like, (still taken to heart)

A Reason For Everything
Carpe Diem (Seize the day)
You’ve got to do your own growing no matter how tall your grandfather was
Life without a friend is death without a witness
The good is not good when better is expected
Politeness is the art of choosing among your thoughts
There’s more than one way to skin a cat ← tika geram2
If you don’t stand for Something, you’ll fall for Anything
Reading surrounds us, labels us, defines us.

and many more. The strongest motivation of all is of course to believe that if you have God on your side, no one can take you down, nothing is too difficult and He will show you the way. ( This unfortunately doesn’t come to mind that often, usually quite late )

So, what gives you that spark? What sets you going? 



1. Nur Amirah Shaharom - October 4, 2007

Same with you, sometimes feel like giving up with everything. But princess wont quit. hehe! Saya slalu feel like, better for me to do this, i should be like that, there’s another life for me, so on, so on. Particularly because i’m taking engineering with biology based. I was a hayat student in matriculation, tetibak amik engineering with majoring electronics. mmg lah gila sket.
But things like a weird, when I scored much in those electronics and physics subjects ias compared of biology. ngehngeh.. Ni ngengada namanya.
and yeah, motivation keeps me alive.
tapi 2-3 hari ni motivasi pun dah jd roti basi. sbb otak dan perasaan dah pun berada di rumah sedangkan jasad ini masih di kolej =D

2. Just A Lady~ - October 4, 2007

oh dear… dun give up yet… coz people are not giving up on you… so why should you, ryte~?
dun worry.. things will get easier in the end.. or at least, u will get the fruit from the tree of sufferness…

by the way, u can come and try my nasi goreng kaklong… at my blog. kinda my own resipi. senang dan sodappppp~~~
selamat berbuka!

3. shutterspeaks - October 4, 2007

oh minciku, jgnlah dikau bermuram durja. ingatlah, hidup ini bagaikan roda, mood pula bagaikan pasaran saham, fluctuate. motivasilah diri anda baik2 kerna sesungguhnya ramai bakal pesakit2 di M’sia memerlukan khidmat kau nnt. Dorang jumpa doc minci, doc minci wat lawak lantas mereka pun sembuh…

bg aku yg dah berkeluarga, keluarga yg menjadi motivasi utama. moralnya, cptlah berkeluarga.

minta emel, nak emel duit raya boley? ekekekeke….

4. jet - October 4, 2007

yeh…famili gives me the spark..lagi?haa..entah eh..motivasi tuh ape..bak kata nenek aku kepada pelajar2 yang pergi ke kem motivasi..”motibasi..motibasi…dah basi, buat apa nak pegi..” [menanes dibahu jalan bile mendengar die berkata begitu.]

5. Minci - October 4, 2007

sudah semestinyer memandangkan raya tk lama lagi.. ha ha

kak syifa,
hoho..tklah.. ‘give up’ 2 tuh citer lama..skarng blom lagi..skrang masih tgh berusaha.. had a look at ur nasi goreng kaklong.. ibarat ‘ela dan eli’ lah kak..

dah kasik email dah. Hnatarlah duit tuh byk skit.. huhu.. aku blk Msia karang nk jumpa anak ko bley? 😛

yes.. u got good famili.. huhu.. nenk ko ker yg garang tuh? (ker nenek mimie?) aku pun dah tk ingat.. cuma aku tau nenek ko tinggal dekat bangsal berhantu.. erkkk..

6. kaSyah - October 5, 2007

to Nur Amirah Shaharom,

you take engineering also ka? engineering with majoring electronics mcm mana tu. hospital equipment?

to shutterspeaks,

bagus motivasi ko bro. tapi aku lambat lagi la. aku nak duit raya bole ngak??

to Minci,

aku x caya kalo ko give-up…impossible..

wat keep me going further. “Kaizen”

n nadia tu aku dah cop jumpe die dulu. jgn nak ngade2…haha

7. Li'l Miss Giggles - November 24, 2007

I understand how crazy medicine can be. I have bouts of motivation and bouts of just sheer laziness.. But look on the bright side, u are almost there. 2008!! I’m graduating (insya allah) in 2012 which is aaaaages away compared to you..

For me, I get my motivation from going to supervision and not understanding anything. that makes me want to work so much harder cause ppl here are crazily superstudpidly smart. and not to mention all-rounders. so, yeah.. that keeps the pressure going..

another thing is try balik rumah la 🙂 i’m going home this christmas holidays (which is in 4 days for me!!!!!!) cause i know that being at home should help me get my momentum back!!

wishing you the best of luck in medicine 🙂

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