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:: Ku Seru October 5, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.
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Yea.. you’re one of them.

It seems that *we’re not going to Cardiff this weekend to see the Rugby game. Too bad, for it’s New Zealand playing against France and to watch All Blacks perform HAKA LIVE was something we looked forward too.

*’We’ comprising myself,  Jet, Miyaki, Mimie and Baby Elephant. Miahaha.. ambik kau..

For some reason, the tickets were not sold at the official website and we’re not really one of those overly-adventurous people who’d still get on a train to Cardiff,  no matter what. Bulan puasa.. jimatlah rasional lah skit kan..  According to Jet, there were some tickets sold at other websites but hmmm.. we do not dare to get them from anywhere else besides what is official! GBP40 is still a lot of money to fork out and that doesn’t count the train tickets yet.

Anyway, we’ll use this weekend to bake our Raya cookies. Head chef a.k.a Jet listed these goodies down – ‘tat nenas’ from scratch, some choco-flavoured biscuits, peanut butter, cornflakes.. hurmm.. what else? Biskut Intan is it? Miyaki will be making a cake the next week and if my good-will permits, I’ll make my Kuih Lapis the week after Eid. Haha.. Special Edition for homies only.

We plan to invite a few people to our humble home for Raya. Mimie, if you’re not doing anything, datanglah. Oh, which reminds me.. I have to ‘seru’ Kazomi, Ezra &  The KoffeePot members etc.. chiaow!



1. cakapaje - October 6, 2007

Letard! Vely funi.

lugby ah! vely violent game. my senior at school last time, patah tengkok.

me today gila mood want to kacau fliends like kacau dodol. also cin chiaow!

2. adiratna - October 6, 2007

mm.. silamat hali laya makan kuih laya

3. adiratna - October 6, 2007

Oo. one question.. mana nak cari widget recent readers tu minci?

4. Que Hamdan - October 6, 2007

takpe2… next time datang lagi ok ke Cardiff, bile aku ada… Eid mubarak !!!

5. Minci - October 6, 2007

Cakapaje + adiratna,
ahaha.. u olang towk lyke det mek me wan tu laff onli.. huiyahh.. wan tu kacau flens lyke dodol some more.. ah ya ya.. silamat hali laya..det widget ah otometik got in dis wedpless.. I no nid tu fain wan..

ah yer.. aku & kengkawan akn nantikan saat2 itu. huhu
nk kad raya.. *batting eyelashes.

6. Zy - October 6, 2007

i nvr thought that you girls really into rugby. ala ajak jak arif buff dtg nangga rugby sama2 kat tv.. sure nya bleh jadi live commenter on all sorts of the techniques and tactics that they are using to tackle the rugby ball.

ok apa? hehe.

7. shutterspeaks - October 6, 2007

tart nenas kalau menjadi dan gebu cam ko sedapp wehh… aku buka posa td makan tart nenas satu lapis dlm balang… yummyyy…

8. Que - October 6, 2007

ape alamat rumah ko ? dulu ko bg tapi aku tertinggal kat cardiff lak… cepat2

9. Zy - October 6, 2007

how was the game today? best kah? mesti ktkorg “oooohhh..ahhhh…. lari cepat2 lah cik abg oiii.” haha.

10. Minci - October 6, 2007

OMG OMG OMG.. It was so depressing to see All Blacks lost the game!! Jet dah nak nannes tgk.. Especially the last 5 minutes.. we were screaming & rooting for them to slowly but with full effort to reach the line.. SAYANG sekali the bola terlepas from them.. Oh My GOd!! Tersu pasrah dan depress kat settee.. Huhu.. matilah sedey tgk Abg2 ku menahan air mata lelaki dari gugur.. Arghh.. matilah nk kenak tunggu lagik 4 thn nannga sidak nya.. eish.. depress..depres..

matilah tamak.. ha ha..eh.. harap2 kau dah dpt email aku.. huhu dan motif kau men’sama’ kan kegebuan aku dgn biskut tat?? 😈

ayoyoyo.. nanti aku kasik kat email lah yer.. kalo tk .. kau mintak jer kat nad.. she knows everything.. 😆

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