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:: Donating organs October 6, 2007

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I hope that Tee Hui Yee would fare better with her new heart [Utusan Malaysia].

Live Life Then Give Life

If we were to do this ratio thing-y, Malaysia have less than 1 organ donor for every 1 million people as compared to other countries – Singapore (8:1,000,000), UK (12:1,000,000) and Spain (35,000,000) [Derma Organ Selamat Nyawa]. Is this because of the lack of understanding for what is involved in organ donation, normal fear for the unknown or is it more of supposed religious belief?

In Jun 1970, Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan issued 4 guideline that makes organ donation fall under ‘harus’;

  1. Organ transfer is allowed if it becomes a last resort in saving the life of the person whose organs had failed.

  2. Organ donor is certified dead.

  3. Permission obtained from donor’s family.

  4. Does not involve any buying/selling. IN other words, the organ is not a merchandise of trade but truly as a donation.

Even so, I understand that the general public still have their concerns. The common ones include;

  1. Harvesting the organ will cause The Deceased to suffer – thelifeless body will still be treated with respect and handled with care despite what you may choose to think.

  2. A muslim’s organs can only be received by another muslim and cannot be given to anybody else – you might want to refer to a fatwa by Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradhawi that says you should donate regardless of who they are – muslim or not.

  3. The Deceased will meet God as an ‘incomplete’ being. 

There might be more questions that need addressing. I too am curious about the status of ‘Living Donors’. Example would be of people who donate one side of their kidney. Sometimes to a complete stranger just for sake of being altruistic and another human who cares. [Kidney Chronicles] . Hey, isn’t donating blood very much the same as being a ‘Living Donor?’ Heh. 😛 Whatlah me.. I’m sure there are answers out there for all these uncertainties.
If organ donation sounds just a little bit too scary, why not start by exploring what it takes to be part of the Malaysian Marrow Donor Registry (MMDR) [Institute For Medical Research] ? 😉

Further reading on organ donation:



1. Puteri Nad =( - October 7, 2007

ermmm betolke penderma kene meninggal dulu ok? *cuma teringat yg budak pompuan muhammad hafizi dermakan ati dia tu*

p/s: al blek kalah

2. Restless - October 7, 2007

so.. can la?

3. Qaiyum - October 7, 2007

Mm.. I’m Concerning About To Be An Organ Donor. Do U?

Huhu.. Tapi Cam Takut Lak..

4. Minci - October 7, 2007

hence raising the question about ‘Living Donors’. A ah… All Blacks kalah. We watched the game from the telly.

Yes ..can.

It does sound a bit scary tapi tuhlah .. I’m trying to instil the thought that when they’ve harvested my organs, I’d already be dead by that time.

5. Lucretcia IV - October 8, 2007

kita tak nak derma organ, kite nak derma piano…. Adus!… Kenapa?.. Ooo.. bukan organ alat muzik tu?

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