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:: On Hair and Nails October 10, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.
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Am reading my Dermatology book and stumbled upon a few things in the introduction chapter;

  • It’s a MYTH to say that shaving increases rate of growth of hair and that it encourages the development of ‘thicker’ hair.

  • Hair doen not continue to grow after death – soft tissue that shrinks around the hair produces this illusion.

  • The phenomenon of ‘going white overnight’ usually attributed to severe fright is not possible but you CAN ‘go white’ over a period of days as a result of selective loss of reminaing pigmented hairs in someone who has extensive grey hair (alopecia areata)

  • Daily growth rate of scalp hair is approximately 0.45mm


  • Average rate of growth is approximately 1mm per week.

  • Nails on dominant hand grow slightly more rapidly than those on non-dominant hand. Takes about 6 months for nail to grow to free edge.

  • Toe nails grow at one-third the rate of fingernails. Takes about 18 months to grow to free edge.

  • Nail growth may be considerably slowed in digits of a limb immobilized in plaster.



1. adiratna - October 10, 2007

Jari jariku sakit semua kerana mencuci setiap hari.. apatah lagi ketika raya… lalalalalala….

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