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:: The bra tale October 18, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Just For Fun.

A husband had this romantic wave to him one day and decided to buy his wife a set of lingeries. Since he was a partial idiot, he didn’t even think of looking at the labels on his wife’s bra and decided to measure his wife’s breast by cupping it while she’s asleep. He did just that and slept throughout the night with his fingers spread wide open – the size of the breast.

A Lingerie Chest (Furniture.Com)

He woke up the next morning with his fingers still of the same position and took the bus to the store. It was full, there were no seats and he had to stand.  The bus ride was horrifying and husband had a difficult time trying to ‘protect’ the bra-size hand. Unfortunately, he lost his balance and accidentally placed his hand on top of a bald man’s head as he was trying to stand himself up straight.

He arrived at the store, bought a set of pretty peach coloured lingerie and happily gave it to his wife at home. Her joy was quickly turned into a scowl when she discovered that they were too big for her.

“This is not my size!!!! It’s way toooo big!! Was this for another woman?”

She got so angry that she scissored the bra into half and threw it off the balcony. 5 floors down it fell and landed at the feet of two elderly gentlemen.  They both looked up to see where it came from before picking up the ‘cups’ and said,

“This is a very nice and different-looking kopiah. Why would people want to throw it away?”

And they wore it to the masjid.



1. fiza - October 18, 2007


2. malimkundang - October 18, 2007

haaa hahaaaaa…. trying to imagine how it looks like

3. faidhidotcom - October 18, 2007

camnerlah rupa ‘kopiah’ tue…hehe…adui, lawak lawak…haha..on the other hand, i wonder if the wife ever thought of besarkan breast dier…ke situ plak sy nie kan…mentang2x baru lepas raya…haha..

4. Restless - October 18, 2007

hahahah.. to that! perfect story line – real in its telling. I can almost imagine the gazing upward and picking up of the kopiah.. hahahh…

5. kaSyah - October 18, 2007

errkk. kopiah tu ada renda bunga2 ke@ gmbar katun ke@just plain.

haha ..hard to imagine.

6. IcedNyior - October 18, 2007

i rmbr dulu masa jerebu, there’s this one comic like gila-gila or ujang that had the front page comic of a man using a bra as a topeng jerebu. Haha! Kaler pink and berbunga2 plak tu.

Like my guy fren likes to say, more than a handful is too much

7. Puteri Nad =( - October 18, 2007

musti dia lacey2 ada bunga2..mcm sulaman..

8. daju - October 19, 2007

nice one kak min..hhahha
cmnerla the tok imam, bilal and other ppl kt masjid tuh react agaknye..

9. Minci - October 19, 2007

Nih ibarat citer lawak oK.. I don’t think it happens in real life. These are just some of the stories we girls share during our boarding school years..

hehe.. 😛

10. jet - October 19, 2007

oi..ni lawak ape ni..tros sekel ko..

11. Restless - October 19, 2007

tak per… it’s a good imaginative joke! let’s turn it into an urban legend… huhuhuh!

12. dinswok - October 20, 2007

Erkk…. where did u get the story?? Hahaha!! Very creative and imaginative! LOL.

Oh btw, IMHO, when a woman lies on the bed, her breast will slightly turn flatter. This is quite different when she stands up straight where her breast will be in the original shape. Cupping wife’s breast when she’s sleeping is not the best way to measure the size and the shape.


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