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:: The Party (1) October 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes, Food and Drinks.

What happens when you have 5 lively, bored girls living in the same house, with 1 of them having her birthday and there’s lots of halloween stuff sold in the shops?

They did a costume birthday party.

Details coming soon.



1. cakapaje - October 19, 2007

Salam Minci,

Oh dear! I hope we won’t have to peek through our fingers…;-)

2. jet - October 19, 2007

kalu kamu buat isen nanti aku copy and paste je..[kemalasanku tahap cipan]

3. Restless - October 19, 2007

what is about guys and their super imaginative minds (hint: cakapaje)? hello, we girls dont necessarily have a bra-and-panty slumber party… huhuh!

4. Minci - October 19, 2007

haha.. I don’t think it would be that scary.. 😛

baiklah.. kesiannya dikau.. malas tahap cipan..

oh? is that what he meant? 😆

5. cakapaje - October 20, 2007

Goodness! I’m innocent! I’m innocent! Tis so sad that restless could speak of my heart that which I could not express myself! I am innocent, by the accounts of the wandering of my manly minds! 😉

6. Restless - October 20, 2007

and the wink is too suspicious… sorry! 🙂

7. cakapaje - October 20, 2007

That? Oh! Its just a sand particle that flew out of nowhere 😉 There it is again 😀

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