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:: The Party (2) October 19, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Birthday Wishes, Food and Drinks.
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Yes, we did have a Costume Party. The catch is you don’t get to see a lot of us in our costumes. maklumlah.. cantik. Huahuahua.

My best attempt at photoshope-ing after having erased my face and coloured it blue a couple of times.

Happy 23rd birthday to Miyaki. Sorry we had to celebrate it a few hours early since you’re off to see your beloved today. More pictures after the jump.

The Costumes:
Miyaki’s costume reminded me of Mrs Morticia Addams, Za and Yooni were goth-like with their smoky eyes look, Jet was the Corpse Bride with a sweet black garland on her big small head. As for myself, the look was supposed to be ‘pucat’ but I ended up looking like a vampire in drag with my purple top and punk-like hair! Everyone else was in black.

As the celebrated one, Miyaki gets to wear a witch-hat (the one I pinched in the picture above) whereas the rest of us have a vampire cape and a glow-in-the-dark-fang each.

The Decorations:
We had 2 very talented party decorators at hand – Za and Yooni. This was what they came up with. (Most pictures were taken before the lights were switched off)

Creepy crawlies hanging by the thread from the ceiling, skull balloons and rambu-ramba.

A skeleton scene-setter on the wall. Fan-like folding of napkins on the table.

Meet our pumpkin. Carving by Yours Truly

Muahahaha~ 😈

The Ceremony:
Vampire Minci Lestat went up to Miyaki’s lair to pick her up. There were no posh broomsticks or pumpkin coach. Just our swift legs running down the steps of the stairs. Arriving at the party, we were greeted by the ‘chanting’ of the birthday spell.

Happy birthday to you
Happy bithday to you
Happy birthday to Miyaki
Happy birthday to you

Plain Chocolate & Vanilla fairy cakes decorated with Philadelphia cheese icing. Mixed red and yellow coloring to make it orange. The spiders on top were plastic accessories. Created by again.. Yours Truly.

Miyaki blew the candle and we started devouring the food while watching our party movie. When the clock struck midnight, we gave Miyaki her presents.

The FooD:
To prepare a meal fit for The King or in this case.. us, we had the best of the chefs a.k.a. Jet to do this. It was a scrumptious meal of Beef and Pumpkin curry. According to ASDA.. ‘A Wonderfully rich curry packed with aromatic flavours of Thailand’. The original dish was to use lamb. Recipe is available for download here. [Minci Scribd

For drinks, the initial idea was to have eyeballs lychee drink. To get that effect, we were to stuff the lychee in the middle with grapes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any tinned lychee. Thus, Jet The MasterChef suggested we have Ice Cream Soda with Raspberry fruit in it. Boy it was delicious!

The curry dish, our funky straws & the foam of our drink.

The Party Movie
Spongebob Halloween Special.

It was a party to be remembered.


1. fiza - October 19, 2007

semestinye kena diingati party ini
sgt express tp hasil very impressive
enjoyed myself so much
thanks to all

n HAPPY BDAY to miyaki!!

2. daju - October 20, 2007

korg punye party slalu best2…
happy birthday to ur housemate – miyaki..

3. dinswok - October 20, 2007

owwwwwwwh… that’s the way how to celebrate birthday parties oversea. Now i get it. HEHE.

4. cakapaje - October 20, 2007

Salam Minci,

Lor, yang nak diphotoshope-ing gambaq tu kenapa? And who’s the lovely maiden beside you tu?

5. jet - October 20, 2007

hahah..tahniah..bagos isen anda..memberi markah 10 belas..mana gamba kamu berhoki mask?

6. Danial - October 20, 2007

waa, lama tak menjengok…
err, cosplay kah?

7. Minci - October 21, 2007

Eyyy youu.. beli apa kat town? hehhehe. thank u for coming and slaving urself to put up the wonderful deco..

can’t wait to have another party..

ahaha.. not everybody does it our way though.. lagipun nih sesama Malaysian jer.. kalo yg omputih nyer ada drinking n maybe strippers? 😛

wat ya mean who is beside me? I’m not the pumpkin!! hehe..

tk ambik pula.. tkperlah.. kot2 ada kelapangan di lain kali..

muahaha.. bukan.. party sajorr..

8. cakapaje - October 21, 2007

Hehe…glad you caught my joke 😎

9. Nur Amirah Shaharom - October 21, 2007

Hye Minci.. selamat mnyambut Hari Raya. Maaf sebab lame sangat2 tak online. Rumah masih takde phone line, and impossible lah mak saya nak lepas drive sorang2 ke Esso berdekatan utk wifi free 😀
Maaf ada salah silap, terkasar bahasa.
dan jgak, maaf comment ni takde kaitan dgn perkara di atas.

10. miyaki - October 21, 2007

tak mampu nak kata apa dah selain dpd TERIMA KASIH YG BYK2 pd minci, jet, fiza n yuni..d food was FabuloSE! d atmosphere was GreaT! korang telah memberikan aku satu experience yg PriceleSS!
skg aku kena menempuhi liku2 umur 23-24 plk, huhu…hehe…

11. adiratna - October 22, 2007

apo la minci,

ko duplicate layer gambo tu pastu layer yang atas ko ejas hue and saturation dan tukarkan ke warna biru. Pastu select muka zoro tu pastu select inverse dan delete. Taadaaa… sudah menjadi muka biru!

12. mixterr - October 23, 2007

sapa gambar yg ditutup tu.. asyik tutup muke cess..

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