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:: Your life’s soundtrack October 21, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Our lives are not that much different from one another. There’s bound to be a song written about us. Or at least one that captures what we are and how we feel at a particular moment. Song/s that’ll be the soundtrack of a movie with you as the main character. There’s a good chance that someone has experienced your happiness or plight before you. 

In love? Countless tracks to choose from to be the ‘Our Song’/ ‘Lagu Kita’. Need positive, ‘feel good about self’ song? Mariah’s Carey ‘Hero’ might help. Or need one that touches on humanity? Look no further from Michael Jackson with We are the World, Earth Song, You Are Not Alone, Heal the World or Will You Be There. (Kinda love the guy despite his alleged paedophile behaviour).


I listen to OAG-PerMysuri and it reminds me of my JPJ driving test. Banyak bebel tau pegawai tuh. Bluekk.

Sepuluh budak hitam – participating in concerts while in primary school.

Take That songs – times when I was schooled in the UK. (11 years old)

Michael Buble’s ‘Home’? Makes me relive moments eating that large pizza in Italy. (Of all things!) Oklah.. being in the Gondola was fun too. Couldn’t help imagining scenes from Gladiator as I saw The Colosseum in front of my very eyes. (Westlife’s version of Home is not bad)

Of course any Siti Nurhaliza song will bring me back to Royal Albert Hall watching the concert. Woohoo!

And loads more.

If you could make a compilation album of all the songs that brings on a special meaning to your life, what would the songs be and why? What would you call your album? Hmm.. I haven’t thought of mine yet.



1. jet - October 21, 2007

kamen..ko kne letak limit to the compilation..maunye mereke mengcompilekan secara burn, tidakkah terlalu byk nak dilistkan disini..haha..sekadar menyebok dan tanak mengcompile pon..muahah..

2. Minci - October 21, 2007

hahaha.. bernas sekali… eyyy.. kau tk nk tulis ker pasal party? nak baca versi kau.. serta versi hari raya pliss…

3. Nur Amirah Shaharom - October 21, 2007

Saya suka lagu2 Avril.. sbb Avril popular masa saya f1-f3 gtu..
and loads of beautiful things did happen during that particular moment. somewhat brings me back to the place where I found happiness as a major part of my world 🙂 cewaah!
and of course the first song I sang with a group of almost 1000 people – Standing In The Eyes. Masa tu pun kat skolah jugak. 1st Minggu Aktiviti di mrsm. lagu ni jadik lagu tema. Besh2.
Tiap kali dengar lagu tu skrg ni mesti mcm sniff the freshness of the morning air masa roll call spjgn Minggu aktiviti tu and the cheers… 😀

4. jet - October 21, 2007

oh..aku kena tuleska?versi aku bosan nnt kerana otakku blank..sile kasik tajok untuk menulis..aku menabalkan ko menjadi cikgu bahasaku..kire kelas karangan..

5. daju - October 21, 2007

mungkin nanti by peter pan
reminds me the best one year i had kat intec..banyak ups and downs..tp sronok sgt life kt intec..

the middle by jimmy eat world
bile xde semangat..

unwell by matchbox twenty
rindula roommates back in high school…

6. Restless - October 22, 2007

hmm… interesting. mcm my space – i’ll write the songs of my life soon, I’Allah.

7. Restless - October 22, 2007

I mean, watch out for my space… talk abt the running fingers that writes faster than the brain. Huhuh!

8. Restless - October 22, 2007

I mean, watch out for my space. that’s be a great topic to write on. huh, talk abt fingers that writes faster than the thinking brain. huhuh!

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