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:: FUBAR October 23, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.


A WWII military slang meaning ‘Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition’ (or Repair)



1. dinswok - October 23, 2007

what does it means??

2. enn0suke - October 23, 2007

Haha.. FUBAR… nice one!


3. Kirana - October 23, 2007

Minci, crita ini cerita yang sia-sia. Takat nak selamatkan sorang prebet itu ramai yang mati. Tak berbaloi langsung.

4. adiratna - October 23, 2007

kuikuikui… ramai kata best tapi aku tak tengok… moviego-ers konon

5. cakapaje - October 23, 2007

Salam Minci,

The last time I went to movies was like 5 years ago. Tu pun, someone bought the ticket for me. And honestly, like adiratna, I have not seen SPR. But to comment on Kirana, I read SPR was based on a true story, if not on Private Ryan, then the camaraderie – semangat setiakawan / seperjuangan.

6. Minci - October 23, 2007

sudah terang bersuluh lagi nyata diterangkan kat situ.. toing toing toing..

yea.. 🙂 ahaha.. the parody sounds hilarious

hmm.. mmg agak susah nk justify the saving of private ryan. however, i like to think that it was not a futile and pointless case altogether for various reasons;
1 – saving private ryan could benefit the future. If he were to be a doc/inventor of some sort. I’m sure that he will live his life well knowing that 2 men died in saving his.

2 – if they hadn’t gone to complete their mission, they wouldn’t have been able to save other soldiers lives/ win the war. They disabled the ambush at the radar field (where Wade died) and helped secure the bridge. Troops there wouldn’t have known about the sticky bomb etc if it wasn’t for the attentive mind of Captain Miller.

3 – As a gesture of appreciation from the army for a woman (J. Ryan’s mom) who has gone through the pain of pregnancy and labour to 4 young men who then had to give up their lives for the freedom of their country.

4 – So us audiences understand that orders given by high authority can be absurd. 😆

tengoklah.. part tembak2 dia real sgt.

Band of Brothers is a good watch too. but that’s a TV series. Also about camaraderie.

7. cakapaje - October 23, 2007

😆 No. 4 tu, that is so very true! Sometimes because of that, nak gila pun ada, nak ketawa pun ada, nak nangis pun ada! 😆

8. jet - October 23, 2007

kamen..fucked up yang xle direpair ke..terlampau fucked up?adeka fucked up tahap dewa-dewa?

sekian..selamatkanla dia..si prebet tu..dapat pahala..namanya diberi amanah dan tanggungjawab..kalu die Islam la..haha..

9. shutterspeaks - October 23, 2007

fubar… hurmm… bila aku baca title aku mmg terus ingat acronym nih… tp dulu fubar nih femes digunakan oleh sorang blogger dari brunei ds… dulu mengaji kat kl, pastu kat us.. skang tatau kat mana… aku harap2 ko tataulah apa kandungan web mamat nih ekekekeke…..

10. Minci - October 23, 2007

kesian.. ketawa dan nannes bley. jgn gila tau..

baiklah ustazah. dan yer.. mmg ‘fark-ap’ gegiler punye bende.

kau membuatkan aku ‘kures’ nk tau kandungan website tersebut.. 😈

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