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:: Dorm party October 26, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

I don’t remember why the annual dorm parties were banned in school but I do know that our dorm was one of the few who decided to go against the rules and threw it anyway.

Together with other girls in my year, the task of decorations and games were in our hands. So 7 minds brainstormed hard before the occasion and we managed to come up with a wonderful theme. Well, the only thing that comes to mind now is the fact that we had red transparent plastic wrappers secured around the lights.

We did enjoy our party and tried to keep the noise down. Word must have gotten to the warden for it wasn’t long before one of the random messengers came running to our dorm warning us of the warden’s intention to do a spot check. Other dorms have been alerted as well.

Now, my dorm is huge and could fit nearly 50 people in it. Therefore, it was quite an impossible task to clear things up like the more smaller dorm and pretend anything ever happened. I suppose all of us were just in ‘Pasrah Mode’ at the time and was quite ready to be punished. So, we lingered.

2 wardens came. Both were petite and fierce. It was the usual  pep talk about being ‘degil’, ‘suka yer kena marah’, kenapa?’ sort of thing which is then followed by A Punishment.

“Saya nak awak semua meniarap di lantai!”
(I’d like all of you to lie flat on the floor, facing the ground)

Everyone did just that, wondering what’s going to happen next.

“Dalam bulatan!!”
(In a circle!)

Ouch.. high pitch! high pitch! OK.. no arguments. Everyone obliged and wiggled on the cold cement floor into position.

“Sekarang, berenang!”
(Now, swim!)

Hah.. like how? So we did our own styles of swimming. At the same time, trying to figure out if this was the correct ‘swim’ they wanted. All of us fixed our tummy on the floor, raised our back legs and moved our arms. Most people did the normal one arm after the other swing but yea.. a few of us clowns did the butterfly and frog swim when the wardens were not looking. This went on for a few minutes (it felt like hours though) before the warden screamed again, (i’m pretty sure they enjoyed the sight of us like that)

“Eyy.. kenapa berenang tak gerak nih? Geraklah.”
(Eyy..why are you not moving. move)

Hohoho.. matilah.
Anyway, we managed to complete a few ‘laps’ before the warden finally told us to stop and clean up the mess. We thought we saw them trying to hide a smile. Eleh.. cikgu nih. Eksen jer. 😛

School years are fun. Perhaps next time I’ll tell you about the intruders. 😉



1. Zy - October 26, 2007

absolutely hilarious! eh kak min, ktk dah dgr lagu baru leona titled “bleeding love”? dgr lah..hope you like it too.

waaa, mentang2 lah klaka ngan abg faizal..alu sik ditegur kmk tadik.. huhuhu… ~patah hatiku… membawa derita… merajuk lah diri…. merajuk diri tak tentu haluan~

2. Minci - October 26, 2007

helloooooo…. kamek ada angkat gn senyum ngan kitak.. kakya kamek carik kitakkk.. kitak sikdaaaaaa… piang!!
ada kamek dgr lagu ‘bleeding love’.nang best. mcm lagu sidak 80s pun ada..

oh.. ya lagu asli ya nak.. kamek pernah kenak embak lagu ya masa pertandingan lagu tradisional lok marekk

3. Zy - October 26, 2007

hehe.. ktk menang sik?

kmk mcm biskut chipsmore bah..kejap ada kejap sekda.. hohoho

4. Minci - October 26, 2007

ohh.. i forgot to mention.. I was the ‘reserve’ participant. which is a good thing BECAUSE they were using a live kugiran and when my friend sang, I didn’t even know when to ‘masuk’.. hahaha

5. Danial - October 26, 2007

kah kah kah kah!! lawak sungguh!!!
intruder? aspuri sekolah gue pon ada gak dulu… dan selalu la budak budak lelaki mengambil kesempatan ‘menceroboh’ jugak atas alasan nak selamatkan ‘puteri’…. =P

6. daju - October 26, 2007

high school years mmg fun..
we usually ade dorm party, table party, band party..segala2 party..
usually dorm party combine with other dorms in the same block..
our dorms only muat 20-25 ppl je..
and slalu buat at the square or basketball court..
tp klakar la ur warden punye denda..haha..
me and couple of friends pnah kena berdiri sorg kt satu pokok coz talking during prep hours..
smpai prep habes!

7. shutterspeaks - October 27, 2007

masa kena tuh mmg la x best, tp skang nih bl kenang balik mmg klaka gilaks… mesti sebenarnya warden tuh nak pecah perut tgk korang berenang ekekekek…

8. Nur Amirah Shaharom - October 28, 2007

Hurm.. I still remember when my classmates and I lebih kurang 12 people gtu wat bday party for one of us during prep hours. and the warden plak gi wat spot check time tu. huhu! xpasal2 12 budak perempuan kene kawat kaki kat depan juniors block smpai habis prep. non-stop plak tu.

9. jet - October 28, 2007

hehe..and kenapa kita tak enjoy kena buli dgn cikgu..mse year-year ramai cikgu laki tuh, following dorm party la memang kena rotan kat tangan, pehtu kena beratur kat court tuh..pehtu macam2 aksi dyrg suro buat seperti kapal terbang..mende2 nta..ko ade tak?mse tuh jasmi, rosli..dan rakan2..lepas cikgu2 x bape nak ramai, kureng sikit la kena denda yang bukan2..

10. Minci - October 28, 2007

eleh.. tk kuasa aku korang nih

memang.. rasanyer lepas tuh kitrog bagi jugak diorg kek kalo tk silap.. 😛

nasib baik tkder hantu diri kat sebelah

haha.. kawad tuh mmg agak wajib kena

huh. guru lelaki komplot giller. sure perasan macho bila boleh bagi hukuman sumer. aku ingat lagi yg sumerang kena bacakan al-fatihah kpd ‘mangsa korban kebakaran’. aah.. kapal terbang tuh aku ingat jugak. kat tennis court.

11. Just A LaDy~ - October 29, 2007

hahahah.. swiming atas lantai~? that sure was soooooo cute! kalau akk la kan, i buat style backstroke. sure boleh gerak jauh punyer. hahaha~

12. kaSyah - October 29, 2007

kihkih..one sweet memory from ur life.

tapi memang seronok kan…

ps- still remember when bebudak satu blok kena duduk dlm gelanggang tenis n esok ada paper ad-math..OMG.

13. Minci - October 29, 2007

kak syifa,
a ah lah kak!!! bijak sekali

huhu.. mesti ko tensen masa tuh

14. tempe1543 - December 1, 2007

mmg aku suka time skool dulu, ada time warden denda kitaorg… ganas gak denda dia – pumping dlm lopak, lari keliling skolah, ‘enjut steng’ dan byk lagi…
tp last week skolah kitaorg rebel kat diaorg giler2 punyer sbb kacau kitaorg study, diaorg ciwak giler… maka batch aku pun digelar ‘batch of darkness’ semenjak tu…

15. Minci - December 1, 2007

‘batch of darkness’.. bunyi mcm cool giller..ha ha

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