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:: When was your ‘point?’ October 28, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Current Events.

“So is it true that at one point in life, men will question their sexuality?”

Adding this to The Mid-Life Crisis, men are as complicated as women. No one could figure them out. As one man put it when asked if he was gay,

“I was but I did not like it”.

Has Dumbledore always been gay or did he went through that point too? [Seven Clues that Potter’s Dumbledore was gay]



1. cakapaje - October 28, 2007


No, it is not true. Please do not be confused by non-muslims or liberals who are trying to put forward their way of life which is against the teachings of Islam. Literature, is one of the most influential ways to sneak such thoughts into unwary minds.

2. Just A LaDy~ - October 29, 2007

well, questioning about sexuality, i agree with cakapaje… but men being complicated is also true… people say woman are complicated and hard to please.. but i i say men are more complicated and harder to please… trust me on that~ ;p

3. adiratna - October 29, 2007

I am gay today as it is pay day. Yuuhuuuuu!

4. cakapaje - October 29, 2007

Just a Lady~said,

Do pardon me, but I have to disagree with your statement on men are more complicated and harder to please. Honestly, for about 180 degrees around me, I see kins and friends working hard to please their partner – women, that is – almost to the point of slaving themselves!

Perhaps, what each of us need to do – and I do mean each of the partner – is to learn and evolve our response to the needs of the other. If such is what you mean, I totally agree with. For then, each takes the blame and credit towards the realisation of successful relationship, or its failure.

Having said that, I do realise that there are selfish partners who want things going their way, and their way only. This applies to both sides of the gender. I may sound like a romantic fool, but that maybe because I am one. (Tooing! – as the gracious host of this blog may respond :mrgreen: )

5. Minci - October 29, 2007

kak syifa,
haha.. its hard isnt it? these sort of things? I suppose when its an opinion coming from people like us who have been disappointed by the oppostie sex, it tends to be like what you’ve said. I’m sure that guys who went through the same experience would say the same thing about us women.

woohooo.. pay day is always nice. doing something nice with The Lady I hope. 😉

hahaha.. mcm tau jer i’ll say ‘toing!!!’ kah kah kah
in relation to what you’ve said, the keyword is to compromise. 🙂

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