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:: Two Virtues October 30, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Medical School.


In approaching ‘Medical Puberty’, I find that there are certain virtues in medicine that must be separated in ordinary lives. On top of my head, there’s 2 in particular;

  1. Patients LIE. Their relatives LIE.
    We nod our heads and listen attentively to what the patients have to say but in the back of our head, there’s this constant little voice that’ll say, ‘Save a little doubt for they may be exaggerating/ taking advantage of you/ mentally unwell/ confuse. Listen but search for supporting evidence to back up their story’.
    matilah if I don’t dissociate this from everyday life. Paranoid boley? All the ‘sangka baik terhadap orang’ would be gone.

  2. Expect the worst that could happen.
    In any presenting complaint, a workup has to be done to rule out all possible sinister scenarios.
    matilah pessimist.

Medical Puberty to me is that moment in time when medical students who were previously slackers or bonkers (like myself) …  all of a sudden become competent, reliable, mature and smart. Huhu.. bumpy road to get there.



1. coops - October 31, 2007

remind me of Dr. House. Waa..nak cari balik my House 😀

2. Renato de Trindade - October 31, 2007

Hello Friend! Great Site! Keep it up! I saw your work nominated on Blogging to Fame. Just famed you. I’ll come back to fame it! All The Best! Greetings from Brazil. Warm regards, Renato de Trindade

3. Nur Amirah Shaharom - October 31, 2007

Minci, kurang faham le ngan yg first tu…
Wah, nampaknye Minci ade peminat baru dr Brazil!

4. Minci - October 31, 2007

cariklah. the latest season can be a bit absurd but the soap part is good.


it means something along the lines of not trusting people for their words as much. always being suspicious sort of thing.

5. adiratna - October 31, 2007

Bak kata pepatah orang Asli Penan; ‘ Hope for The Best, Plan For The Worst’

6. cakapaje - October 31, 2007


Reading adiratna, I think I’d go for ‘Agi Idup Agi Nglaban’. Especially looking at Spiderman above 🙂

7. adiratna - November 1, 2007


hahahahaha…ngap sayot!

8. cakapaje - November 1, 2007


Yok! Hehe…

9. Puteri Nad =( - November 2, 2007

i soon will of age..nak medical puberty gak kot..

10. mixterr - November 3, 2007

kelakar la spiderman tu!! heheh

11. Just A Lady~ - November 3, 2007

hehehehe… i mean that picture~ ;D

12. Minci - November 4, 2007

cakapaje + adiratna,
weyy.. korang nih sarawak ker okeh?

yes dear..we will all reach that.

besar giller tau patung tuh. diorg gantung kat ceiling kedai mainan

kak syifa,
‘mean’ canne tuh.. hoho

13. shutterspeaks - November 6, 2007

patient lie xpe, jgn doc lie udah lerrr…. x jgk, dua dua xleh lie, tp kalo patient lie, doc kenalah pandai detect. dan doc jgnlah mudah sgt wat conclusion. 2 minggu lps, aku pegi kinik (antara tmpt yg malas nak g), doc ni diagnose 3 orang patient x sampe 2 minit. yg lg 2 aku x th, yg aku tahu aku da salah diagnose, g tmpt len ckp skt len, amek ubat makan ubat 3 hari baek. tp minci doc yg baek, dan comel… mesti laris…

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