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:: Trip to Dinosaur Island November 6, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Dream Diary.

If it was in real life, we can actively avoid someone if we choose to. Leave the room if he walks in, pretend not to see if you caught a glimpse of him in the mall and run for the nearest exit. Taking no concern whatsoever about the going-ons in his life.

But just what could you do if he’s in your dream. And you know that you’re in a dream. And you couldn’t find a way out.

It was a big group trip to an island with friendly dinosaurs. Probably a group of 30 with a mix of guys and girls. I knew everybody – my housemates, my bestfriend & fiance, his housemates, his work colleagues, the trip buddies I had when I was in Italy, the previous ‘fire engineering’ batch in our place etc. It was as though I was the one who arranged the trip. No, wait a sec, why would I want to include people I don’t favor as much.

We participated in competitions with the dinosaurs. They did not talk by the way. We swam in the deep blue sea with plesiosaurs. Flew in the sky with pterydactyls. Roam the thick forest with saber-tooth tigers. It would have been a fun holiday ,if I can say it as such, but one particular guy just had to spoil it for me. 

We had an ugly history together so it wasn’t nice to have him there being terribly sarcastic, insensitive etc. (in the dream only okay??). I couldn’t even stand that slight whiff of his perfume eventhough it’s nice. **Hatred for person calls for hatred of scent as well. Once (in the dream again) I was practising my Japanese with a friend. We were talking to each other, passed the dining room table where he was eating his meal. Probably dinosaur meat (God knows what), when he looked at us from the corner of his eye and said something like, ‘macamlah bagus sangat’.

waaaahhhh.. piang piang piang!

Arghhh..geramnya. Marahnya. Not to mention the countless times I kept bumping into him. Never free of sickening remarks. It made my heart ache, I could have a heart attack in my sleep!

I’ve heard of tips given by people in how to get out of a dream. That is to jump from something high. Strangely enough at the dinosaur island, I could never reach the end of the cliff. Darn!

Thank god my alarm went off. :mrgreen:



1. enn0suke - November 6, 2007

seen any dinosaur movies lately? i remember a time when i have total control in my dream. it’s like, if i know i’m in a dream and i don’t like it, i can force myself to wake up. don’t know how to explain it but it worked most of the time (didn’t even have to jump from high places…)

2. cakapaje - November 6, 2007

Salam Minci,

Maybe, you take basuh kaki sebelum tidur kut 😆

3. Nur Amirah Shaharom - November 6, 2007

uishh.. kalau dlm mmpi tu takde tempat tinggi susah ler..

4. Minci - November 6, 2007

i suppose some people can actually do that. I’ve nown 2 people who could actually think about what they want to dream about and them later, dream about it. chic huh?

hoho.. i basuh ok. mungkin patut letak losyen skali.. 😆

maka kenalah lompat setempat..

5. seth iyie - November 16, 2007

I will like to make friend with you, also sent me some of the picture of the dinosaur

reply me



6. grhb - April 9, 2008


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