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:: We taste like pork? November 6, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

There is truth in Jet’s ending to the piece [ kematian] she’s written in Wasaii.

Perhaps the ‘brave look’ on Armin Meiwes face says it all. The cannibal who made love to his ‘dinner’ before eating his flesh. Last nights documentary definitely delivered the best on out-of-norm human psychology. Having seen the movie of Hannibal Lecter, the story of Meiwes was perhaps less shocking than his ‘dinner’ Mr Brandes, who was willing to have himself eaten by Meiwes. He volunteered.

The whole process took about 4 hours to execute. Bizarrely enough, it’s not the simple case of ‘sedate me, then kill me, then eat me’. It was horrendous. Too gross it was that the original video was never released for the viewing of the public.

They met online through an ad posted on a cannibal-like website.( huh, ada?) They agreed to meet and Meiwes brought Brandes home. They had séx and later, Brandes who has a fetish for pain-inflicted rituals to achieve the ultimate séxual orgasm told Meiwes to cut his peni$ off. Worser still, it did not come off the 1st time for the knife was blunt. When it finally did with a new knife, Brandes (bleeding like a fountain from the wound) had Meiwes seasoned it and fried, ready to be eaten.

The meat was so fresh that it shrivelled in the pan. It was inedible – meiwes

Ayoo.. Brandes pun satu. Motif potong dan nak makan peni$ sendiri?

In short, Brandes bled from death and was nyawa2 ikan  when Meiwes decided to just kill him and end his suffering. He however, harvested the body and stored Barnes’ meat in the freezer so he could eat it for months to come.

The meat taste like pork. Only stronger and with more substance.

He was arrested when an Austrian student reported his act to the police. They had met earlier online.

How many people have you eaten? (probably thinking that he was joking)
To which Meiwes replied, ‘You will not be the first’

Humans are interesting, don’t you think? We never cease to surprise ourselves. Cannibalism is definitely another strange branch in paraphilia after zoophilia.


1. Nur Amirah Shaharom - November 6, 2007

Tesangatlah mengerikan mendengarkan cerita Meiwes ni. Huh, boleh plak lalu makan peni$ org tu. Yaks!

2. shutterspeaks - November 6, 2007

:-O so scary and shocking lah this news… gila ka apa…. baca entry ko pun dah xde rasa teringin nak tgk video tuh…

3. hafiz - November 6, 2007

scary….human is a strange creature indeed….

4. cakapaje - November 6, 2007

Salam Minci,

Cam iklan kat tv kata “BIOR BETUL NI!!!” – is this a true story? 8-0

5. jet - November 6, 2007

hoho..aku nak tgk video plis..

6. Minci - November 6, 2007

must be juicy though.. 😈

shutterspeaks + cakapaje,
yerp.. true story

oh yeahh..very

cariklah kat cannibal site.. muahaha

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