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:: The tale of a Sunday morning November 11, 2007

Posted by Minci 先生 in Everyday Life.

Shayne Ward performing on X-Factor last night was awesome. 

Song  : Breathless
Artist: Shayne Ward


Back in boarding school, there was a choice of 3 different activities to be done on a Sunday morning before breakfast at 8.

  • Qiamullail

  • Riadah

  • Read al’ Ma’thurat

Each was to be carried out in turns every week and the least favourite of mine was Riadah. When I was in Fifth Form, most of my dormmates share the same disgust. The irony behind it is that one of our dormmates is the school captain. Of course we knew her before she got elected as one but still… 😈

She’d announced “Esok Riadah” to us the night before ( on the PA system as well), we’d screamed dramatically ala2 “I’m melting” kind of thing and we’d laughed it away together. Dormmates.. mestilah baik. I wonder if she knew that we would secretly pray to God before lights out, that she’d wake up late, so that Riadah has to be cancelled. Muahahahaha ~ Dayot.. ampun.

God listened. Maybe it was us being sincere or maybe the whole school prayed for it, I don’t know. In short, there was a time when Riadah was cancelled 3 weeks in a row. Huhuhu.. best giller. Best giller.

I hate Riadah for the ‘risk’ that came afterwards. The risk of missing the ever-so-delicious breakfast of Mee Goreng. I am surprised that we have allowed ourselves to put up with ‘breakfast yang tak cukup’ all the time. Yet, the dining hall caterer would say back to us that some of our friends have taken bigger shares than others. Haih.. even if ‘greed’ plays a small part, doesn’t high body metabolism and ‘big girls’ count?

And I don’t like cutting the queue. I don’t think I could sit comfortably having my breakfast when I’ve seen the faces of starved, meek juniors who have ran with all their might to be first in line, only to be met by taller, more senior girls who easily march to the front and pretend they have done nothing wrong.

I’m not a saint. I have jumped the queue before but only on these occasions;

  1. The juniors insisted I go before them. Tak tahulah kenapa.

  2. Desperately in need of chasing time. Usually after cadet practice and have to rush to musolla for congregation prayer. The keyword here is ‘pelapis kadet’ and by that we have to obey every single school rules. ‘Forbidden to jump queue’ wasn’t one of them. So, it’s either be nice and stand in line or risk being called afterwards for being late to the musolla. Jumped I did. But not after apologizing profusely to the next girl in line. Doing it in a large group lessens the guilt but then that is how evil spreads, in numerical superiority.

I’ve missed breakfast a few times. I did not fight for the limited share. I just walk away if I knew I don’t stand a chance. On any ‘Mee goreng’ breakfast day, probably near 80 students would walk away without their share – put their plates back and leave. Feeling the burning stares of sympathising students on their backs.

A lucky 10 would receive their share from people who have pooled bits of theirs into a plate. Those with extra pocket money can go to the canteen. Others may just make their own milo and dunk lots of Hup Seng Crackers. And what happens to those who came from underpriviledged families? Whose school uniform are handed down from their sisters? Who don’t even know the meaning of pocket money?
They’d have to live on the kindness of other students or drink water till lunchtime.

Other activities carry the same ‘risk’ but unlike Riadah, people’s appetite don’t rise in a surge after Qiam or Ma’Thurat. They’d rather go back to sleep. The tale of a Sunday morning.. that’s what it is.



1. cakapaje - November 11, 2007

Salam Minci,

Isk isk isk. Suka ponteng Riadah 8) By the way, just out of curiosity, which school was that?

2. jet - November 11, 2007

ketahuilah bahawa bukan aku yg abeskan mee itu..kerana aku detest makanan dining hall..sgt jarang-jarang makan situ kecuali dipaksa kawan2..

3. fiza - November 11, 2007

ooo..kak jet mkn kat kantin yer..beli mknan sendri?
ke, kak jet diet??..patot la kak jet slim

4. Restless - November 11, 2007

Sian kan kita yg dok SBP/MRSM/SMA!

Dengan kena gotong-royong and penalty if we were caught doing something unbecoming like leaving the fan on.Dengan takutnya nak study alone in the prep room after midnite, fearing ada yang melayang… Dengan kenanya polish kasut for Monday assembly so that the Pengawas will not pick on us. Dengan kena put up with the noise level during prep hours when we need the extra effort to buck up. Argh!

But these are the little tales (or experience) that sane and wisen us up. Three cheers to us. Hip-hip! (Hoorah)

5. Zy - November 11, 2007

have nvr been to boarding school before except banting laaa. (tp, banting kolej kan? hohohoho) so kesian ek. i don’t think ‘tak cukup mkn’ ever happen in my “so-giler-ulu” school. sbb bapak (ketua warden) slalu embak “ikan besi” balit umah mun ada lebih. mmg selalu ada lebih, sbb nembiak asrama sik suka mkn “ikan besi” but, to me, it’s yummy as i love to grind the fish to hear the crunchy sound in my mouth. cecah ngan kicap + cili + limau nipis…ooooooooo, agik nyaman!

6. Nur Amirah Shaharom - November 11, 2007

Ye Restless, btoi2.. sangat penat terkenangkan kejaran2 masa yang dilakukan sepanjang kehidupan kat skolah asrama. Huhu.. Masa f1-f3 takde lah pulak the tale of a sunday morning. sebab weekend ari Jumaat dan Sabtu. Jadi the tale of a Saturday morning lah. penah kena jirus dengan air oleh warden masa gotong royong pagi sbb turun lambat 🙂
masa f4-f5 da tukar skolah ke selatan tanahair. jd la mcm minci, the tale of a sunday morning. pernah gaduh dengan senior pasal depa suka2 hati wat rules utk junior lepas inspection. habis inspection PA system akan mengkumandangkan radio era. ade carta era. bising gila sbb bilik saya dekat dgn speaker.
tapi tu lah. even berebut nak makan, terpaksa blapar, dan takde duit nak gi canteen, kan ke kite same2 blaja bsabar dan btolak ansur.

7. Minci - November 11, 2007


yer..diakui ko makan biskut sajor.

mestilah diet. dia kena angkat yg bende baling2 tuh dlm band

yeahh… Hip hip (Hooray!)

ya rabbi.. terus lah lapar..

huahuahua.. padan kena jirus. 😛
am curious though. like what sort of rules?

8. coops - November 12, 2007

minci, i wonder..i selalu skip makan masa kat asrama dulu, tp kenapa ek, i tembam jugak eh 😦 haha.

9. Nur Amirah Shaharom - November 12, 2007

Rules yg ridiculous. Contohnya, untuk pergi kelas, junior takleh lalu jalan short cut yg melalui deretan kelas f5 walau mcm mana lewat sekali pun. Ketika mana f5 balik dr prep mlm, f4 perlu tunggu sehingga kebanyak f5 telah pun bgerak balik. F4 tak boleh lalu depan Dewan Kuliah, sbb kat situ area f5. F4 tak boleh solat kat bilik even the actual rule says ALL students are diWAJIBkan utk solat di surau. F4 takleh gi blok kelas F5. Benda2 gtulah.
Tersangatlah kanak2.

10. Nur Amirah Shaharom - November 12, 2007

Nak tanya Coops, masa zaman die ade tak rules gni?

11. jet - November 12, 2007

oh..yeh..kantin pun x gi..dasat abes..makan biskot cecah peanut butter and jelly bertajok gobber..mnom nescafe..makan kitkat..makan megi..kalu lapa nasik, beli kat koop..wikens, mak aku dtg bawak lauk..makan nasik..

hahah..apeka ketidaksehatan yang cuba aku buktikan ni??

12. coops - November 13, 2007

Mira, believe me..dah lama ada ths kind of rules. And pls..i’m not that old ok, uhuk.

13. kaSyah - November 15, 2007

When i in form 4 @form 5 i never skip breakfast@lunch@dinner because i want to saving my money as much as possible. walaupun kekadang terasa tawar, tahan je la.

hai…bagusnya, tak smpai hati nak potong que. ptutla jadi doktor. ramai la junior yg sy kat kakak minci ni.

by da way, i hate mee goreng kat dewan makan, lain mcm je rasenya.

Form 5 is the best when u in boarding skwel..besh menjadi abe2 senior. malangnya masa tahun aku form 5 skali warden buat perubahn form4 form5 duduk satu dorm…nak membuli pun dah tak best, hari2 tgk mke dorang. kang kena sumpah lak. yg bestnya bile adik2 atau akak junior dtg bersama famili melawat….haha. passing2 kim salam.

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